Gauteng2012-smallAs you know the technology forum for attorney firms will be held in Johannesburg on the 22nd May 2012 – this is why you must not miss this beneficial afternoon.

The details of the event are available here, but here are the reasons you must not miss this event:

More than just an afternoon…

When you attend the TechShare forum event, you are added to the national TechShare group, which then gives you access to the powerful knowledge group with other members. When making any technology decision, this group will add _huge_ value to the decision at no cost!

Great products…

When the forum opens general discussions, the amount of “great product”, “use this contact” or “stay well away from that product” stories give the delegates information that never before was possible.

Save money…

In the presentation which kicks off the event, we share ideas which are going to save you money, as soon as you return to the office – not three months after an installation of a costly system. Instantaneously!

Bill more time, without doing the extra hours…

We share ideas on increasing billing, not by working smarter, or changing the way you bill, or heaven forbid, having to install a hugely costly practice management system, but immediately when you get back to the office and the results should be seen before the end of the first day.

Want to market your firm better…

Who does not want to attract the right type of clients? We discuss marketing ideas, not only where technology plays a part, but simple old school marketing that makes logical sense.

You say you don’t have time…

What rubbish! Make time, it is worth much more than you would imagine. And you may think of it as lost billing time. Well, if you implement just one idea, you will make back your lost billing revenue in the first few days.

This TechShare forum for attorneys is unique, there is nothing else like it in South Africa – you miss this, you miss out.

We look forward to sharing great ideas with you on the 22nd May – book now to avoid disappointment.



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