Concise Law Reports and Spartan partnership

One year ago, we posted our BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY AND NEW PARTNERSHIP where we announced our Partnership for Case Law Excellent (see that post here The idea at the time was to share experiences, technology, and innovation in our respective jurisdictions without getting in each other’s way. 

Well, many ideas, dreams, and moons later, that partnership has led to Spartan Caselaw’s first GLOBAL EXPANSION PROJECT to Namibia with FASZ Legal Consultancy’s Concise Law Reports providing the Namibian legal community and public at large with daily concise summaries of case law, legal news and updates, in an interactive online experience with search functions. 

Fedden Mainga Mukwata’s vast legal knowledge, experience, and love for case law reporting and Fadzai Musodza’s legal technology and marketing skills will combine to bring you the only and finest case law updates in Namibia at affordable prices.

The team at Spartan Caselaw are delighted to work with Fedden and Audrey, seen here on the steps of the Namibian Supreme Court. 

They share our passion for case law..


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