ajsAJS is proud to announce the release of the Smart Office Toolbar as an add-on for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 & 2013. The Smart Office Toolbar allows AJS users to access the AJS system from within Microsoft Outlook, Excel & Word (MS Office).

The Toolbar is extremely versatile and allows the user to perform account enquiries, post fees, and add or search for attachments. The user can also manage contacts, produce invoices, run reports and send SMS messages. Outlook has a function which the user can configure that will automatically attach emails sent or received to a matter.

The user can right-click on emails and email attachments to attach them to AJS as they please. There is also right-click support on Outlook Contacts to create the contact in AJS.

About AJS
AJS is a division of the privately owned O2Smart Group of companies which has its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. O2Smart includes various software technology businesses, including AJS Accounting and Call Centre Management, XpressDox Document Automation, Avid Workflow Software, Galaxy Software Distribution and AJS Smart Business Services. The Group’s origins date back to 1979 when the AJS accounting system was first developed. Today, O2Smart has a presence in all of South Africa’s major centres with a certified reseller network throughout the world.


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