docclyThe South African leg of the DocuSign Signature City Tour 2014 took place in Johannesburg on 13 November, 2014 when local businesses had the opportunity to join the digital transformation and learn how companies worldwide are seeing improved efficiency and huge cost savings by keeping business digital with DocuSign.

Local DocuSign Partner, Doccly ( was there to find out how DocuSign ( could benefit law firms, and spoke to Ken Moyle, Chief Legal Officer at DocuSign.

Ken frequently advises government agencies, lawmakers and industry executives on electronic signatures and records. Here he outlines the use of e–signatures within businesses and addresses common concerns about legality, legibility and legitimacy.

Law firms are missing the opportunities e–signatures currently offer to digitise their own businesses. Firms should reduce the time they spend chasing signatures by adopting digital signatures for correspondence, HR, engagement letters, and client authorities. They can start today by using DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management global platform to book business sooner.

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