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Following the prevalence of bogus legal practitioners who defraud innocent and desperate members of the public, the Legal Practice Council launches LPC digital ID cards that can be used to identify all legal practitioners (attorneys and advocates) registered by the LPC as per  provisions of the Legal Practice Act. 

In an event that the status of the practitioner changes during the calendar year, for example  if a practitioner is suspended or struck off, the digital ID cards will automatically update and  reflect the new status. 

Members of the public or any stakeholder simply needs to visit the LPC website and scan the card to verify the practitioners’ registration. The digital ID cards are part of LPC’s efforts to allow for easy, secure and efficient  identification of legal practitioners. It is important for members of the public, the Judiciary and  all relevant stakeholders to have assurance that they are engaging a legitimate legal  practitioner, especially when they seek legal services. The process allows other institutions or  people of authority like South African Police Service to also confirm the details of the legal practitioner and verify with the LPC  where necessary. 

“As a statutory body responsible for regulatory affairs of the legal industry, we see a strong need to embrace the digital transformation the world is experiencing to ensure that the legal sector protects people while SA’s justice delivery system is enhanced”, says Chairperson of the LPC Ms Janine Myburgh. 

Suspended legal practitioners who still secretly practice and wasting people’s monies through offering services they are barred from offering, will now be easily detected. 

“The LPC digital ID card is one of the many initiatives that the LPC has undertaken as a way of continuously enhancing the standards in the provision of legal services by the legal  profession. Council will continue to work hard to support the legal profession, while regulating and exercising jurisdiction over all legal practitioners in a highly professional manner,”  says Myburgh. 

Attorneys and Advocates had previously had to register and annually renew their hard copy cards, the new system has automated this process. Once registered, practitioners are able to  safely store their LPC digital ID cards on their phone’s secure wallet (available on Android or iOS devices) with an option to print the LPC digital ID cards.  

The LPC digital ID cards are valid for a period of one calendar year and practitioners who  currently have the hard copy versions can still use them for the remainder of the year, if they  opt not to immediately change to the LPC digital ID card. 

About Legal Practice Council 

The Legal Practice Council is a national, statutory body established in terms of section 4 of  the Legal Practice Act, No 28 of 2014. The Legal Practice Council and its Provincial Councils  regulate the affairs of and exercise jurisdiction over all legal practitioners (attorneys and  advocates) and candidate legal practitioners.  

Issued by the Legal Practice Council 

Kabelo Letebele
Office: 087 898 7474 


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