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We are, particularly in the South African context, acutely aware of the impact that education and literacy have on the economic and overall success of a country. Alarmingly, however, a recent report published by the Reading Panel reveals that children who do not ‘learn to read’ in Grade 1 and 2 will not ‘read to learn’ in Grades 2 onwards. Reading is the foundation upon which a successful future is built. Sadly, many children across South Africa do not have access to the necessary resources required to develop their language and reading skills. For this reason, during 2022 and 2023, Sabinet opted to support Biblionef—a registered NPC that donates books in all 11 official languages to educational institutions in need. In addition to providing books, Biblionef offers training and support to Foundation Phase educators with a view to fostering a culture in which reading books are incorporated to the CAPS Curriculum wherever possible.

We are proud to report that with the support of Sabinet, Biblionef was able to support 12 schools from three districts in Mpumalanga. The project was focused on providing high-quality storybooks in isiNdebele, isiZulu, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Xitsonga, and English to teachers in grades one to three. This initiative has helped to improve literacy levels and foster a love for reading amongst young learners.

At Sabinet, we are passionate about education, particularly in the Foundation Phase. Sabinet remains committed to supporting and improving literacy and education in South Africa, and in 2023 will assist Biblionef in conjunction with Penreach (an NPO that supports early childhood development, numeracy, and literacy skills). Sabinet intends to provide books to the Penreach schools. These books will be provided in isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Tshivenda, and English, and will be used for remedial reading and teaching of language concepts that include phonetic awareness, improved vocabulary and, importantly, comprehension (as is evident from the 2023 Reading Panel report). 

The books that Sabinet will provide are earmarked for use as class-based resources. The stories have been carefully selected and will provide learners with exposure to relevant and relatable South African stories, concepts, and characters; an important part of fostering a love for learning, storytelling, and reading. 

Through its support of Biblionef and Penreach, Sabinet wishes to actively participate in the achievement of the countries National Development Plan and Social Development Goals—as identified by the World Health Organisation. By aiding early learning programmes, young learners will have increased access to the tools required to improve their language and literacy skills, which ultimately provide the foundations to a brighter future. Sabinet hopes to impart a love of learning and reading, so that today’s learners may be inspired to uplift the youth of generations to come. 

By supporting this initiative, Sabinet continues to demonstrate its dedication to being a socially responsible corporate citizen and hopes that it may inspire other organisations to play their part too. May we all continue to work towards a future in which all children have access to the necessary resources, so that they may reach their dreams.


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