Sameer Kumandan

The inherent complexity of the legal profession means having accurate data to deliver quality legal services, manage cases efficiently, ensure accurate billing, and uphold legal ethics and regulations are all non-negotiable. “To meet the growing demands of one of the world’s oldest paper-based professions, legal practitioners should embrace the digital revolution and intelligent tools which can prove instrumental in bolstering their capabilities and tackling the diverse challenges inherent to the industry,” says Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks.

Comprehensive data access in just a few clicks

In the modern landscape, South African legal professionals can benefit from platforms that aggregate data from various public and private sources, including the Deeds Office, CIPC, credit bureaus, and additional reputable providers. These digital resources offer a multitude of search parameters that encompass individual, business, trust, property, credit, and adverse news searches.

SearchWorks allows lawyers quick access to accurate data on their clients, potential clients, and other parties involved in their cases, with the ability to generate more than 160 different reports from over 20 suppliers in a matter of seconds. “We guarantee accurate data, available on a pay-per-click basis. No contracts or subscription fees,” explains Kumandan. “We are perfectionists when it comes to clean and proper data, and all search results are live.”

Financial compliance

South Africa has stringent financial regulations, including the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), which require meticulous due diligence on individuals and companies. “Given this reality, data aggregation platforms serve as essential tools, enabling lawyers to perform exhaustive background checks, comply with financial laws, and protect clients against financial malfeasance. The accuracy and dependability of the information obtained through these platforms are crucial for adherence to these regulatory standards,” Kumandan notes.

Legal research and case preparation

Legal research, as the foundation of strong representation, can also be made easier with access to an extensive repository of legal and commercial information, including court documents, CIPC records, and property information. “Having this resource enables attorneys to conduct thorough research, strengthening their legal arguments and cases with up-to-date and reliable information,” adds Kumandan.

Simplifying tracing and investigations

The need to trace individuals or entities is a common occurrence in legal matters, including scenarios like divorce settlements, debt recovery, and various other cases requiring the identification of parties. Kumandan says data services play a significant role here, providing efficient tools that save time and resources, thereby enhancing the industry’s overall productivity by expediting legal processes. “The process of obtaining the necessary documents is a fundamental aspect of legal work. Here, advanced platforms simplify procedures by facilitating quick requests for copies of vital records, ensuring that legal strategies are backed by accurate, current information.”

The importance of accurate data

SearchWorks is a reliable source of accurate, up-to-date data that fulfills a vital need in the legal industry. “In a world fraught by fraudulent activities, legal practitioners must rely on trustworthy information to effectively represent their clients and the platform’s ability to provide accurate data is invaluable for tackling issues related to fraud, scams, divorces, deceased estates, and various legal transactions,” notes Kumandan.

As the largest data aggregator in South Africa, SearchWorks facilitates more than 160 different search types pulled from various data sources. SearchWorks caters to a broad spectrum of legal specialties, including conveyancing, litigation, commercial law, and more. The extensive range of search types available makes it the ideal platform for conducting investigations and vetting cases, ensuring that legal practitioners have the necessary information to support their clients effectively.

“Legal practitioners in South Africa can meet compliance standards and arm themselves with flexible, dependable, and user-friendly tools essential for thriving in a competitive landscape. While challenges are inevitable, having the right resources allows legal professionals to surmount them, ensuring they continue to offer unparalleled service to their clients. In today’s legal climate, embracing comprehensive data solutions isn’t just an alternative, it can be critical component of success,” says Kumandan.


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