speechexec-for-smartphonesThe Philips range of digital recorders are easy to use, optimised for specific environments and situations and have exceptional recording quality which ensure that you never miss a word. But  wait, aren’t basic voice recorders obsolete?
Good question! The somewhat surprising answer is no. Granted, you probably already have one in your pocket or bag right now (That’d be your smartphone). And yes, in some ways your phone can be a good option for on-the-spot recording. It’s always with you, for one thing. You also can choose from hundreds of recording apps—many of which will integrate with other note-taking productivity apps—and some do even allow for basic editing during and after recording. This is very useful in situations when you need to record something but don’t actually have a designated recording device, however digital voice recorders are still better for their functionality and microphones.

Have you ever tried to record a one-on-one interview on your phone in a crowded, bustling conference hall? How about a professor’s lecture from the back of a large room? The results aren’t pretty. In addition to the faint, thin sound, you’ll also contend with myriad interruptions (texts, phone calls, alerts, etc), and will likely need to continually readjust position to contend with ambient noise. Even if you do everything in your power to ensure the recording sounds its best, the end result will usually sound like, well, a cell phone call. Which makes sense, given that it’s a cell phone mic.

Smartphone mics are, by nature, small. And they’re getting smaller as phones get thinner. They are meant solely for talking on the phone and making words coherent. Digital voice recorders often have a feature to block out unwanted noise, but allow you to turn it off and on depending on the situation. Smartphones do not.

In contrast to a smartphone, a digital recorder has larger, higher-quality integrated mics—usually omnidirectional condensers. That means better-sounding recordings and more adaptability for recording in different contexts and settings. It’s also a simpler device, meaning fewer things are likely to go wrong with it, and you’ll get far better battery life because your actual recording isn’t competing with a bunch of other apps for power.

The fact is, if you plan on doing any sort of regular dictating or recording, a digital voice recorder almost always offers more flexibility and better sound quality.

Philips professional dictation 2015

So what constitutes a good voice recorder?

The easy (and always infuriating) answer is that it depends what you want to do with it. A great professional recorder won’t always be a good fit in many basic voice-recording scenarios and a basic model would likewise be horrible for things like professional dictation and editing. Philips has a range of consumer voice recorders as well as professional dictation devices and we can advise what would be the best solution for you or your firm based on your requirements.

But that’s not to say you cannot benefit from Smartphone dictation as well…

Philips Smartphone Dictation Hub service enables you to use all the benefits of a professional Smartphone dictation solution without spending money on the underlying server infrastructure or investing time and money in maintenance and support. With minimum effort and definable costs you can record dictations via Android, BlackBerry, iPhone Smartphones and transfer them to your company. SpeechExec Dictation Hub will send the dictation files to a predefined email address (e.g. to the secretary for transcription) or FTP location. So no matter where your dictations have to be recorded they will be sent rapidly to their destination. Therefore this service is an extraordinary addition to the classic digital dictation machines with the ergonomic design from Philips.

Contact Powerhouse Dictation for more information on our Philips voice recorder range or to arrange a demonstration on any of our products.

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