Philips DPM dictation devices for lawyersDigital dictation: a ‘nice-to-have’ or an essential opportunity to improve efficiency and client service?
Digital dictation is not simply about saving time and being more efficient. When taken full advantage of, the right solution can help improve client service and increase billable hours.

Why go digital?
Digital dictations can be made immediately, marked as urgent or routine and sent directly to the secretarial team to be processed. Managers can monitor how quickly work is being progressed and produce regular reports to track and audit document turnaround times. The sound quality is clearer, dictations can be actioned more quickly and it’s much easier for the secretaries to manage their workload because they know what is outstanding, which dictations are urgent and how long all the recordings are.

Being able to dictate a letter or meeting notes, immediately after seeing a client, minimises the risk of recording incorrect or incomplete information and speeds everything up – for law firms and their clients. Using the Philips Smartphone application, lawyers can even dictate on their mobile and send their recordings to the office via our secure hosted server.

Choosing the right digital dictation solution
Some law firms continue to rely on tapes because they are concerned about the time taken to upgrade and learn a new system. Others stick with an inappropriate digital system because they believe it will cost too much to switch. However it is important to get the correct solution for your firm in order to take advantage of the time and cost saving benefits.

Philips dictation recorders and software offer the perfect solution for legal professionals. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large law firm, corporate legal department or a court, Philips can help you manage your work load, lower your administrative costs and increase your efficiency and profits.

Please contact Powerhouse Dictation for more information on how the Philips range of professional recording and transcription devices can benefit you and your company.

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