Philips DPM7200 Special

Digital technology has many advantages. It gives you instant access to any point in the recording, so you can delete, insert, amend or overwrite easily. In addition, one of the most reassuring features of digital dictation is the fact that it is future-proof technology and designed to be used with the very latest workflow and speech recognition systems. And of course, our commitment to create simple, easy-to use equipment is as strong in the digital sphere as in any other.

Digital dictation enables easy download of data to a PC. Once downloaded, digital speech files can be used for PC-based workflow (case management, hospital information systems) or transferred via network (LAN, WAN, Internet, Wi-fi or Bluetooth), just like any other files, for transcription. It’s time to work smarter with
digital dictation.

Where speed is everything
Speed has become critical to the success of the modern law firm. The legal market is therefore embracing the productivity benefits of Philips dictation products.
Digital dictation allows lawyers to create documents much more quickly without having to increase the number of secretaries. Stand-alone or integrated with case management systems, Philips and its partners provide an entire range of dictation and transcription products that answers the need for mobility and flexibility in the legal field.

Our professional range of dictation recorders allows you to dictate in court rooms, on client visits or during business trips, giving you the flexibility to react quickly to the short-term requirements of your clients and allowing you to deliver unparalleled customer service.

Save R500 when purchasing a Philips DPM7200 Professional Recorder with a LFH7177 transcription kit

Purchase a DPM 6000 or DPM 7200 before 30 June 2018 and receive a FREE Docking Station!

Contact us now to arrange an obligation-free demo on any of our Philips products and let us show you how much more productive and efficient you can be.

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