Improve productivity in small law firm

The problem facing most small law firms is that they do not have the range of skills and in-depth knowledge in every function of the practice to drive efficiencies. Large firms have experts for every function, whereas single practitioners and small law firms are “IT”. That’s challenging because the lawyer isn’t necessarily trained in IT, marketing, or accounting. But they have no choice but to do it all, nonetheless. But that is all about to change with a new generation of low-code document automation designed for small law firms.

There is one area where single practitioners and small firms can achieve the same productivity gains as the large firms, and that is with document automation. For years, large law firms have benefited from the substantial improvements in efficiency and reduced costs that result from using document automation software effectively. But small firms simply don’t have the resources, the technical knowledge, or the time to create the template libraries that are such a game changer.

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