LegalSuite and Docfox integration

As Accountable Institutions, Law Firms are required to comply with FICA. LegalSuite and Docfox understand that in your law firm every minute counts and spending a large amount of time on FICA compliance is costly.

Therefore to simplify this compliance requirement, we have integrated with leading FICA software provider, DocFox. FICA requires Law Firms to Know Their Clients (KYC) by verifying their identity and assessing the risk of doing business with them, prior to commencing a business relationship. 

By LegalSuite integrating with DocFox, we are speeding up the KYC process. The integration will enable you to: 

● Send party details directly to DocFox from the LegalSuite Address Book at the click of a button 
● Without leaving LegalSuite, trigger an email request to the party to upload their documents directly into the DocFox portal 
● Pull those documents that were loaded directly into DocFox back into LegalSuite’s Document Log 
● Once document collection, screening and risk rating has taken place in DocFox, you will then have the option to approve or reject the application. Once approved, LegalSuite will indicate that FICA has been completed 
● Download the DocFox PDF Summary straight from LegalSuite 

Obtain LegalSuite Licenses from your LegalSuite agent or contact Each user who will be uploading parties to DocFox will require a license. If you have 10 users, for example, on LegalSuite who will be uploading parties to DocFox, you will need to register the same number of users with DocFox.

DocFox to Send a Secret & Key

These are codes that are unique to each user and should never be shared. In LegalSuite, these will be added to each employee under Setup | Employees | Advanced.


Templates are setup by the firm, with the assistance of DocFox. Templates are the requirements that your firm would like, per entity. In other words, if you are verifying an individual, then your template requirements may specify that an email address and a cell phone number are requirements. If this information has not been filled in in LegalSuite and you try to upload a Party to DocFox, you will get an error. The user will then be required to complete the information on the Party and attempt to upload to DocFox again.


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