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In the ever-evolving global landscape, businesses in Africa are navigating a profound transformation towards a knowledge-driven economy. A knowledge-based economy refers to an economic system in which knowledge and intellectual capital are the primary drivers of economic growth and development. According to social scientists, the new currency of value is information and data—transcending traditional commodities.

Increased innovation and technology can lead to greater productivity, improved resource access, better market access, and more efficient production. It can also improve living standards for the population and create new and sustainable jobs. 

“To help businesses adapt to the challenges and seize the opportunities of the knowledge economy, African Industry Reports have emerged as a valuable resource,” says Sabinet Head of Product, Sanet Vos. “As a prominent information services provider in Africa, we are proud to be able to offer these reports in partnership with Who Owns Whom, an independent research organisation dedicated to producing exceptional, original research. This partnership is a demonstration of Sabinet’s ongoing commitment to collaboration and sharing of resources to accomplish a mutual goal.”

Experts advise African countries to promote technology and digitisation in all sectors of the economy to increase efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This includes initiatives such as developing national digital strategies and promoting e-commerce and digital services. One such digital service is African Industry Reports, available on the Sabinet Discover platform. The reports are a valuable resource that promises to elevate how businesses access insights in Africa. This comprehensive collection of data-driven reports provides invaluable intelligence on various industries, market trends, and opportunities throughout the continent.

Addressing the knowledge economy challenges

South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Rwanda, and Morocco are examples of African countries’ progress in shifting to a knowledge-based economy. Still, many other African countries are taking steps in the same direction at different paces and stages. This is because shifting to a knowledge-based economy is a complex and long-term process requiring multiple strategies and actions.

According to the World Bank, to leap to a knowledge-based economy, African countries and businesses must be prepared to invest significantly in infrastructure, education, and training. They also need to ensure that their policies and regulations are conducive to fostering innovation and creativity. As Africa’s business landscape undergoes this seismic shift, companies face a unique set of challenges. Access to reliable information, data gaps, competition with global players, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes are among the hurdles that businesses must overcome. These reports empower African businesses with the insights and intelligence needed to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of the knowledge economy.

With African Industry Reports, a treasure trove of data-backed insights, empower businesses to make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation. These reports offer accurate market intelligence, enabling businesses to identify market gaps and emerging trends. This enhances their ability to tailor products and services to meet local and regional consumer demands.

African Industry Reports focused on South Africa are seamlessly integrated with relevant legislation and regulations on Sabinet Discover, thereby empowering subscribers with actionable insights. Staying updated on legislation changes and industry developments through these reports helps businesses navigate the complex business environment more effectively, reducing the risk of operational setbacks. 

Furthermore, these reports are complemented by links to news articles, journals, reference materials, and legal content, enhancing the depth of information available. Armed with reliable information, African businesses can compete more effectively on a global scale, attracting investments, partnerships, and opportunities from international players.

Information access for business success and sustainability

As Africa embraces the knowledge economy, information and knowledge become increasingly pivotal for business success and sustainability. Sabinet’s distribution partnership with Who Owns Whom, marks a significant leap forward in this endeavour.

Whether you are an investor seeking opportunities, or an established business aiming to expand and innovate, African Industry Reports offer a wealth of valuable information. By leveraging these reports, businesses across Africa are better equipped to contribute to the continent’s growth and development in the digital age, positioning themselves for success in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Using the five-digit Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SICC) established by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), these reports offer comprehensive industry descriptions, size assessments, status evaluations, identification of influencing factors, competitive analyses, SWOT assessments, industry outlooks, and overviews of relevant industry associations.

Unlock the power of information and embark on your journey to success in the knowledge economy with African Industry Reports. To learn more about African Industry Reports and to request a demo, please contact To explore these reports firsthand, visit Sabinet Discover.


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