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Afriwise – an online solution connecting businesses active in or expanding into Africa with up-to-date legal and regulatory content – has launched a complimentary COVID-19 module on its platform. 

The free COVID-19 module, covering nine African countries, is being introduced at a critical time.

Employment, contracts and corporate laws vary greatly across the continent. Many African countries have robust health and safety measures in place. Employers have to proactively maintain a safe working environment without risk to the health of employees. The module covers these aspects, as well as other critical information relating to electronic contracts, breach of contract due to special circumstances, holding directors and shareholders meetings, requiring medical tests for employees, support for financially distressed businesses, and insurance, among others.  

With the outbreak of the virus, we expect to see updated legislation and the current laws being heavily enforced over the coming weeks as the legal, regulatory and commercial implications of COVID-19 continue to evolve. 

As part of its commitment to support organisations operating in and across Africa, Afriwise hopes that this new module will assist businesses when navigating these uncertain times and help mitigate the legal risks associated with COVID-19.  

The module further offers access to profiles of vetted lawyers, who can be contacted for any urgent matters in-country.

“These are difficult times for businesses globally. Through our partnership with local legal experts across Africa and our unique technology, we were able to swiftly put together a module for legal teams, who will greatly benefit from having COVID-19-related questions answered immediately and in one place,” Steven De Backer, CEO of Afriwise explains. 

Any organisation interested in accessing this module, developed in partnership with a number of Africa’s largest legal firms, can subscribe here.

 A short demo of the platform can be found on


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