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Sabinet’s content solutions provide a comprehensive collection of reliable online resources designed to support information professionals in navigating regulatory risk and ensuring compliance.

In today’s rapidly changing regulatory landscape, businesses face numerous challenges in ensuring compliance with legislation changes while minimizing operational breakdowns. To address this critical need, Sabinet, a leading online information solutions provider, offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist information professionals in navigating regulatory risk and compliance with ease and confidence. 

The first essential resource is Sabinet’s National Legislation service, also known as NetLaw. This comprehensive resource offers information professionals instant access to South African legislation. By providing accurate, timely, relevant, and reliable information, NetLaw enables businesses to stay abreast of the national legislation currently in force. With a user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities, information professionals can easily navigate through complex legal frameworks, ensuring their organisations remain abreast of all applicable legislation. NetLaw helps to mitigate the risk of non-compliance, ensuring businesses can focus on their core operations with confidence.

Complementing NetLaw is Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments. This resource provides streamlined access to financial regulatory instruments issued by both the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. With up-to-date information readily available, financial departments in all sectors can stay informed about the latest regulatory requirements, making it easier to adapt their operations accordingly and avoid compliance risks. By offering a centralised platform for accessing financial regulatory instruments, Sabinet empowers organisations to proactively respond to changes in the financial landscape. 

In addition to the above services, Sabinet also offers Legal Registers in partnership with Libryo. Managing an organisation’s corporate governance and legal compliance can be a daunting task, but Sabinet’s Legal Registers simplifies the process. Through a single dashboard view, information professionals gain access to detailed and well-organised information on relevant legislative changes that impact their industry. This proactive approach helps businesses understand how these changes directly affect their operations, allowing them to implement necessary adjustments promptly and efficiently.  

 “Our suite of services, including Financial Regulatory Instruments, NetLaw, and Legal Registers, offers a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to manage regulatory risk and maintain compliance. By leveraging our reliable and up-to-date resources, businesses can ensure operational continuity while effectively mitigating compliance risks associated with legislative changes.” Sanet Vos, Head of Product. 

Sabinet’s commitment to providing accurate, timely, relevant, and reliable information empowers organisations to thrive in a complex regulatory environment. 

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