In a world where information is quickly filtered and truths have uncited versions with undocumented or tainted history, Sabinet is determined to contribute to ensuring accuracy in global communication by providing access to information with factual links and referencing. 

Sabinet works towards bridging the information gap for any business, researcher, or legal practitioner by providing comprehensive legal information, news research services, a collection of more than 600 aggregated premier African journals and publications, and a database of bibliographic and citation references. 

Online news research and press clipping services in collaboration with South African media (SA Media (News Clippings)), covering content from 1977 to present day, Sabinet Newswire consisting of the South African Press Association (SAPA) archive from 1998 to March 2015, as well as the African News Agency (ANA) news feeds from November 2015 to current. Clients can subscribe to the complete Sabinet News Research Services (South African News) which includes SA Media (News Clippings) and Sabinet Newswire or individually to either of them. 

Most times, information is hard to analyse without examples of case studies and a range of points of view. Sabinet Discover contains a variety of perspectives on South African newsworthy events to help with research. Access to a wealth of data, accompanied by various voices with differing perspectives and case study points is included as part of the service package. 

Retrieve sources dating back to 112 years with their ingenious taxonomy and reimagined technology that allows this breadth and depth of data to be accessed quickly and easily through a single interface. 

Subscribe today to ensure your first-hand experience in a world of reliable sources of information from and about our continent. 

Visit the website or contact us page to learn more about how they can assist your business bridge the information gap. 


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