eJudgements is a Law Reports website using modern technology to enable quick and accurate searches of all relevant case law, while catering for the needs of the practitioner and researcher.

With judgements being freely available on the internet, the need to pay huge subscription fees to commercial publishers seems to make less sense than it did in the days when Law Reports were only in print. But there are so many judgements on the internet, how can anyone find what they are looking for? The commercial publishers provide a selection of ‘important’ cases, but they don’t provide easy access to everything in a coherent fashion.

That is where eJudgements comes in. The search functionality of eJudgements has been designed with the needs of the practitioner or researcher in mind. So search filters have been developed to facilitate quick and accurate search results.

For example, a word search can be narrowed down to cases dealing with an Act or a section of an Act; any subject matter; the name of the Judge, even by the names of the counsel or firms of attorneys who appeared in the matter.

There are over 24 500 judgements are contained in the database, dating back to 1995. Not only ‘reportable’ judgements are included, but we endeavour to include everything, since the search function will help to sift out the irrelevant cases. All cases since August 2017 have been tagged, and the historical cases are being tagged on a continuous basis.

What are the benefits of eJudgements?

Firstly the cost. For only R100 per month for an annual subscription, eJudgements does not have the overheads of the commercial publishers and is by far the most reasonably priced subscription service. And for a limited time we are offering a discount on subscriptions (see below).

eJudgements is cloud-based, meaning that it is always available with no downtime, and it is accessible from anywhere that there is internet connection. Whether you are in your office or in court using a laptop or smartphone, you can access eJudgements.

eJudgements does not predetermine for you which judgements you will need, all available judgements are included. You chose what you need to use via the words or phrases you search for or the various filters you apply.

Sometimes an apparently unimportant judgement can be missed out but it is the only case dealing with a particular Rule or section or even dealing with a definition of a word or phrase. With eJudgements you will be able to find that case.

eJudgements was developed with the user in mind, we don’t decide for you what information you want, we let you decide for yourself.
eJudgements offers three different kinds of subscriptions: monthly, half-yearly and annual. An annual subscription amounts to as little as R100 per month.

Website: www.ejudgements.co.za
Email: admin@ejudgements.co.za

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