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Excerpt: Mercantile lawyers must have up-to-date access to the latest financial regulatory instruments to help their clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Sabinet makes accessing this seamless.

Mercantile lawyers must have up-to-date access to the latest financial regulatory instruments to help their clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Sabinet offers streamlined access to all regulatory instruments issued by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

This is available through the recently-launched Sabinet Regulatory Instruments subscription, which simplifies regulatory compliance for the finance sector.

Subscribers to this new service get instant access to financial regulatory instruments in the form of guidelines, standards, and directives, as well as a weekly newsletter that lists all updates and amendments to regulatory instruments. 

All of these regulatory instruments are linked by Sabinet to the relevant legislation, as well as to linked content by Sabinet’s product specialists – adding even more value to the service.

Users who are also subscribed to Sabinet’s National Legislation service (NetLaw) can get even more value by using both tools for an even more comprehensive view of South Africa’s financial regulations.

Importance of regulatory instruments

Sabinet’s new subscription is extremely valuable as regulatory instruments – which form a key part of South Africa’s commercial legislations – are not always disclosed in the Government Gazette.

This is problematic for mercantile lawyers who always need access to the current version of all financial regulatory legislation to serve their commercial customers’ needs.

Thanks to Sabinet’s provision of a comprehensive view of all appropriate legislation, including all financial regulatory instruments, lawyers can assure their clients of complete compliance with all commercial regulations.

This is more important to businesses now than ever before, as South Africa’s regulatory environment is developing at a fast pace – and it has become non-negotiable for all organisations in the financial and commercial sectors to meet all compliance criteria.

Long-term thinking

Access to the latest regulatory instruments also makes it easier for mercantile lawyers to align their clients’ compliance projects with the long-term objectives of the SARB and FSCA.

For example: if the FSCA releases a regulatory instrument that comprises guidelines for processing payments, mercantile lawyers can recommend that businesses align their long-term compliance plans more closely with this instrument’s content. 

This is due to the likelihood of the regulatory body looking to expand upon these guidelines in the future – even making them obligatory.

In this way, mercantile lawyers can be key contributors towards helping organisations develop future-proof compliance strategies.

Sabinet’s solution

Sabinet provides comprehensive libraries of South African legal content to lawyers operating in the country.

Sabinet’s NetLaw subscription has become incredibly popular in South Africa, and Sabinet expects the Regulatory Instruments subscription to provide even more value to its customers.

“This service indeed fills a gap in the industry and we at Sabinet believe that it will improve workflow and compliance efforts,” said Sanet Vos, Head of Product at Sabinet.

This easy access to regulatory instruments is one of many reasons Sabinet is your best source for important South African legal resources – so click here to access the legal content you need.


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