Those entrusted with rendering justice on any level have a responsibility to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest developments in law. For this reason, judgments, and the precedents they inform, are of vital importance to practitioners of law. Judges must make their rulings taking into account previous judicial decisions on the same subject. Other legal practitioners, whether they are acting as advisor, advocate, negotiator or evaluator are obliged to stay up to date with the law in order to remain competent, prompt and diligent at all times. 

When it comes to staying competitive, Sabinet Judgments provides its users with unrivalled online access to its offering. With quick and easy  24 hours access to  reported and unreported South African judgments from the Supreme Court of Appeal, High Courts, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court,

Sabinet’s expertise at bringing together content and technology to deliver optimised services — and their monitoring of all judgments by court, topic and legislation daily — means that subscribers are assured of making sound, error-free decisions — ultimately saving time, effort and money.

A competitive advantage in the court room

Courts and the legal practitioners within them apply the law on a daily basis. The system of judicial precedent, or stare decisis, means that these courts are bound to follow the legal precedents set by previous decisions. Being able to do this relies largely on reported cases. To be ignorant of these judgments is to take a big risk in the eyes of the court though this can be mitigated by gaining access to reported and unreported judgments — segmented by court, topic and legislation — and supported by related articles and legislation. This in-depth knowledge of the law equates to a competitive and cost-saving advantage. 

Sabinet Judgments also links to other Sabinet product offerings by flagging documents of interest. Sabinet Judgments is linked to NetLaw, Provincial NetLaw, Municipal By-laws and Bargaining Council Agreements which users can choose to access if they are already subscribed to these products or by making a once-off purchase. 

The burden of law in corporate management 

Companies of all sizes are required to know both their rights as well as what is expected of them. They are subjected to the common law, as it applies to their sector, as found in court rulings and judgments. Not being on top of updates and changes to legislation not only compromises the efficient and responsible management of a company, but also introduces significant legal and financial risk. 

Invitation to register for free trial 

Sabinet invites anyone interested in enriching their knowledge of the law or wanting to work faster and smarter to register for a free trial of Sabinet Judgments. Users can look forward to: 

  • The quickest, easiest route to unreported and reported judgments (with neutral citation) 
  • Searching by keyword, parties, judge, case number, court and act with additional filtering available 
  • All court forms 
  • All Rules of the Court 
  • Linking to relevant documents on National Legislation (NetLaw), Provincial Legislation, Municipal By-laws and Bargaining Council Agreements for clients already subscribing to these products. Once-off purchases to a related piece of legislation is also available to non-subscribers – for seamless access
  • ‘What’s New’ alert feature


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