Navigating Legislative Updates: Access Provincial Gazettes on Sabinet Discover 

In an ever-changing legislative landscape, keeping abreast with the latest changes and updates is crucial to all business operations. However, manually sifting through all updates to find those relevant to a specific province can be an onerous task. Sabinet, a renowned provider of information services, has revolutionised this process with its unique Provincial Gazettes product

Explore Sabinet Discover and discover an impressive array of provincial gazettes from 1995 as well as historical provincial gazettes of the four old provinces dating back to 1910. The credible content is easily accessible, allowing users to search and filter provincial gazettes by the following categories: Notice Type, In terms of specific Acts, Publication Year, Subject, and Province. Our database of provincial gazettes covers a wide range of notices, including: 

1.    Land Use and City and Town Planning: Notices of land use and planning matters, such as proposals for new developments or changes in zoning.

2.    Liquor and other Licences: Notices of applications for new liquor licenses or amendments to existing licenses as well as information about other licenses and permits, such as gaming licenses, entertainment licenses, food service licenses, and special events permits.

3.    Property and Property Taxes: Notices of property tax rates and assessments.

4.    Gambling and Casinos: Notices of changes in gambling legislation, notices of applications for gambling licenses, including casino licenses. These notices provide information about the type of license applied for and the location of the proposed establishment. Approval, renewal or suspension and revocations of gambling licenses, including casinos.

5.    Other Notices: Information about proposed policies or regulations.

Designed to streamline the process of keeping abreast of official provincial notices and developments in all nine provinces, Sabinet’s Provincial Gazettes allow you to create customised email alerts based on your preferred province. This approach not only simplifies the process of staying informed but also saves valuable time and resources. You can choose to subscribe to gazettes for either all provinces or particular provinces. Additionally, you can also subscribe to an archive of provincial gazettes dating back to 1910.  

Sabinet’s Provincial Gazettes product and Sabinet Discover offer an innovative and streamlined approach to navigating legislative updates. Stay informed. Stay ahead. Contact Sabinet today and let us help you navigate the intricate maze of legislative changes with ease and efficiency. 


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