The Department of Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs has published regulations relating to the current national state of disaster surrounding the #COVID19 virus.

Some of the amendments published in Notice 318 in Government Gazette 43107 relate to establishments that sell liquor. All restaurants, bars, taverns, etc that sell liquor and have space for more than 100 people have to close today (19 March 2020), unless they can prove that they can and will limit the number of people to 50. Strict hygiene policies are also to be implemented as proof. Trading hours will be limited as well. These establishments will be required to close at 18:00 on weekdays and 13:00 over weekends.

Gatherings of more than 100 people could lead to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both a fine and imprisonment. The authorities will be required to cancel the gathering immediately.

Regarding government’s responsibilities in this situation, the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure is required to identify and make sites available to be used for quarantine and isolation purposes within each of the nine provinces, as and when the need arises. 

The Minister of Trade and Industry may issue directions to protect consumers from excessive, unfair, unreasonable or unjust pricing of goods and services during the national state of disaster.

Any person who publishes any form of false statement or information through any medium, including social media, with the intention to deceive another person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or both a fine and imprisonment.

Click here for the latest Disaster Management Act. 


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