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Sabinet’s Bill Tracker service provides you with a chronological interpretation of the progress of each bill in parliament.

Gathering credible online information, whether for research, legal, or business support across all industries, presents a slew of challenges. There is too much information. There isn’t enough time. Fear of the consequences of inaccurate search results.

Sabinet has been the custodian of a treasure trove of valuable information dating back 112 years since its inception nearly 40 years ago, and this wealth of information is now accessible through Sabinet Discover – a single user interface with taxonomy and search technology that makes content discoverability quick and easy.

Sabinet Discover gives you access to government and provincial gazettes, municipal by-laws, national and provincial legislation, provincial archives, and a wide variety of parliamentary documents.

This information is useful to businesses as it helps them to optimise workflows in accordance with the appropriate legislation, supporting superior business efficiency and reducing the risk of dealing with unforeseen legal issues.

Bill Tracker

One of Sabinet Discover’s popular solutions is Bill Tracker – a service that provides you with a chronological interpretation of the progress of each bill in parliament.

There are currently 44 bills in the South African National Assembly, and two in the National Council of Provinces.

Sabinet’s Bill Tracker provides you with the progress of each of these bills, as well as links to the documents at each stage of the approval process.

This service covers parliamentary bills, draft bills, policy papers discussed in parliament, and any supporting documentation.

You can also view the profile, status, and history of all bills – including those that are still in process, those that have been signed into law, and those that have been passed but not yet enacted.

Sabinet’s Bill Tracker service provides a structured overview of a bill and all associated legislative processes. Subscribing to Sabinet’s Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents saves you time because you have access to a comprehensive view of parliamentary bills and documents. This service includes access to bill-related articles as well as the bill’s memorandum, speeches, and statements.

With this service, you can rest assured that Sabinet will keep you up to date with all the bills that are critical to your operations.

This lets you quickly and efficiently adjust to changes in legislation and reduce costs by reacting to bill amendments as soon as possible.

Thanks to Bill Tracker being part of Sabinet Discover, you can quickly access a variety of other Sabinet services such as NetLaw, too, if required.

Why Sabinet Discover

With all this information at your fingertips through Sabinet Discover, it becomes much easier for businesses to keep up to date with legislation and remain on the right side of the law. 

Sabinet’s Bill Tracker service is an excellent example of this and is constantly monitoring the bills that are critical to you and your business – providing you with the information you need, when you need it. The platform also allows for ecommerce options if you prefer. 

Sabinet Discover provides you with your own personal workspace for creating alerts based on your searches and/or specific documents you want to monitor. Saving searches especially useful for complex and/or regular searches and documents.

Click here to learn more about Sabinet’s Bill Tracker service.


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