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South Africans have a treasure trove of stories from the past that tell of historical struggles and majestic discoveries. Ethnic separatism in a multicultural society has always been an oxymoron, and today we get to celebrate and build on our unity and diversity across cultures, borders, and language barriers. 

History should only be repeated in the stories we tell others, and what better way to learn more about the road less travelled than to have access to an online South African news research portal

As an established leader in the African information industry, Sabinet is firmly rooted in comprehensive research, news research information, and legal content that not only recognises the needs of a global audience, but also the demand for a credible online research entity. Sabinet Discover is the result of this digital diaspora. 

Sabinet Discover includes news article clipping research services courtesy of SA Media (News Clippings) dating back as far as 1977, as well as access to the South African Press Association’s archive containing articles dating back to 1998. 

By accessing this treasure trove of South African stories, you get to instantly analyse the many historical events, as and when they happened. News articles that have been covered from different angles enable us to put ourselves at any given point in history, and to enjoy multiple viewpoints detailing historical events or politics. 

A chronological timeline of events can therefore echo the traces of history and encapsulates our collective yearning for well-researched and presented facts. These historical snapshots paint the picture of how we once lived as a nation; the ambiguities and contradictions of yesteryear and how culture and heritage have been established today as a form of liberation.  

Sabinet Discover promotes online news research services that inform, educate, and uplift. 

Our one-stop information solution revitalises the archives of African research content, and we invite you to be part of our story. 

To find out more, visit, or contact Sabinet via email at and discover a revolution in research services. 

Trust Sabinet. Your premium African research partner.   

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