Print law reports are dead

There is authority and gravitas in the weight of a bound law report and the smell of old paper. A tradition in counsel pulling a heavy wheeled case full of law reports to court and unpacking the books, opening them at places marked with sticky notes, and reading with solemn reverence from the old cases. And in chambers, where an entire wall is packed from floor to ceiling with bound law reports, there is nostalgia and the aura of immense legal knowledge.

But in this modern age and with the abundance of judgments distributed digitally each day, printed law reports just can’t keep up. Consider the lawyer who uses his laptop at home, office and at court and who has instant access to vast troves of judgments (updated daily) and can easily search and locate cases on point, copy the text of dictum, save judgments and then print or email them.

These days a stream of the latest cases is shared online by SAFLII and by lawyers on Facebook, Whatsapp and on LinkedIn. Yet the printed law reports take two months to report only certain cases – around 14 cases a month. At Spartan Caselaw we report on 14 cases EACH DAY (yes, that’s TWENTY times more each month!!😮) and we often report cases the next day after the judgment has been handed down.

In this fast-paced environment, one-click access to case law is essential and has become the new standard. The convenience of Spartan’s digital platform empowers users to engage with case law from your phone, tablet, and PC. Making it the modern-day model for legal expert excellence. Join us in navigating the future of legal research. 

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