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The transparent flow of information between government and its citizens is necessary for democracy. With growing access to information through technology, society’s expectations of government are changing fast. The public wants ready access to government information.  

“Tracking of updates to Acts, Bills and other government matters can be difficult and time-consuming,” says Sabinet’s Head of Product, Sanet Vos. “Sabinet’s holistic approach to monitoring South African government legislation makes it more manageable for the legal profession, students, libraries and anyone needing to stay abreast of the law.  

With critical insights from our product specialists, Sabinet has one of the largest reliable online sources of legal information about South Africa in the world, which is why many individuals, corporates, universities, government departments, research institutions and law firms rely on Sabinet. “Technology is the key to a progressive and informed society and is transforming the legal field. Sabinet has been in the business of providing online legal content for the past 30 years. And now, with our new enhanced technologically drive Platform, Sabinet Discover, our subscribers can access any information in a very short space of time,” says Vos. What would be an overwhelming amount of information to sort through has been curated into manageable searchable products by Sabinet.  

South African Government Gazettes include the latest Acts, regulations, notices, name changes, company registrations, proclamations, land restitution notices, liquor licence applications, transport permits, liquidations and more. 

Sabinet’s online Government and Provincial Gazettes can be searched by notice or by obtaining the complete Gazette. Sabinet even offers a retrospective gazette archive for online access to South African Government and Provincial gazettes dating back to 1910. When subscribing to one or both archives, users will have access to extensive, historical South African information for research and reference purposes. 

Sabinet’s Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents is another service providing users with the latest legal developments in the country. Bills are tracked at every step of the way, from their first discussion in Parliament as they develop from Draft Bills into Bills, until they are signed into law by the President and finally promulgated as Acts. Users can track all Bills, including their profile, status and history. Recent Acts and Gazettes can be cross-referenced to the corresponding Bills. 

Sabinet offers an accurate up-to-date bird’s eye view of the entire Parliamentary catalogue and you are guaranteed it has been thoroughly researched, cross-referenced and verified.  

The Parliamentary Monitoring service provides daily emails to keep you abreast of legislative changes in your chosen fields of interest. And if all you require is an early warning for industry-specific legislative changes and developments, then Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Service does just that. 

Sabinet’s portfolio of knowledge combines legal resources dating back to 1910 with advanced technology that captures, stores and integrates content. “The legal field was traditionally inaccessible to the layperson. Sabinet works closely with public universities and libraries in a united effort to improve access to the law. Sabinet’s online offering reduces the amount of time spent on research and time wasted trying to find the correct content. Our reputation for reliable information makes us the number one service provider,” concludes Vos.  


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