Sabinet News Clippings for Learners

As a learner, one of the greatest challenges is finding reliable and accurate information for research projects, debates, orals, and other academic pursuits. This is where Sabinet’s News Research service comes in to provide a valuable and affordable research resource for schools.

Think of SA Media (News Clippings) as the key to unlocking the doors of a library filled with historical news articles and other formally published sources of information. SA Media (News Clippings) is a news clipping service dating back to 1977 containing over 200 historical titles (which are no longer updated) and over 30 current South African newspapers. With SA Media (News Clippings), schools can broaden their access to information, giving learners the opportunity to learn and grow beyond the classroom walls.

Sabinet has recently customised its News Research service to offer a very affordable research package for schools. The Sabinet News Clippings School Package allow schools and learners access to gather research from newspapers via pre-purchased packages to download newspaper clippings. The school librarian, debate leader, or learner can do their research anywhere, anytime and download the newspaper clippings they need. Schools can now take advantage of this fantastic resource to improve the academic performance of their learners.

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SA Media (News Clippings)’s historical content is particularly valuable, as it provides learners with a wealth of information that goes beyond what they can find in their textbooks. It helps learners understand the context of events, and how they have shaped our world today.

Learners can use it for a wide range of academic pursuits, from projects to debates, orals, and even science projects. With SA Media (News Clippings), learners find reliable and accurate information, and gain a deeper understanding of the topics they are researching.

Just like a library, SA Media (News Clippings) is a treasure trove of rich South African history waiting to be discovered. It provides learners with a wide range of resources that can help them to succeed academically, and to develop their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. With its historical content and a broad range of resources, SA Media (News Clippings) provides learners the key to unlock a world of knowledge. So why not give your learners the advantage they deserve, and sign up for SA Media (News Clippings) today?

Allow your learners to explore SA Media (News Clippings). Visit Sabinet Discover.

If you are interested in an annual subscription to SA Media (News Clippings) for your school and making this valuable resource available to all learners, please contact us at to discuss your requirements.


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