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As the 8th of February approaches, South Africa is gearing up for a pivotal moment in its political calendar – the State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2024. President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to address the nation, shedding light on the country’s achievements, challenges, and most importantly, the roadmap for the future. In anticipation of this significant event, Sabinet is poised to provide SONA updates, outtakes, and related legislative information. 

In a general election year, two SONAs are delivered. President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the first SONA 2024 address on Thursday, 8 February 2024 at 7pm. SONA is called in terms of the Constitution by the President. It is a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament and one of the rare occasions that bring together the three arms of the State under one roof. The second SONA 2024 will take place after the general election. 

In the spirit of fostering informed academic, professional and public discourse, Sabinet Discover stands as a valuable resource for those seeking timeous updates on SONA 2024. Sabinet Discover is a comprehensive Online Information Service that houses academic journals, legal and research content, and policy documents. By linking this resource to the SONA debate, Sabinet Discover aims to enhance the quality of information available to citizens, business leaders and policy makers. 

Possible key themes 

Based on previous, and recent SONAs, and on the priority issues contained in national policy documents, the following key themes are likely to be discussed in SONA 2024. 

Economic recovery:

With the global landscape evolving rapidly, SONA is expected to address South Africa’s economic recovery strategies. Sabinet Discover provides access to government economic analyses, research papers, and related news content, enabling users to delve deeper into the proposed solutions. 

Social development:

The President is likely to highlight initiatives aimed at improving education, healthcare, and social welfare. Sabinet Discover’s extensive collection provides insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with these critical sectors. 

Environmental sustainability:

As the world grapples with climate change, the SONA may outline South Africa’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Sabinet Discover connects users with research on climate policy, conservation efforts, and the country’s environmental goals. The information is provided on each page of the platform as related content – including legal, news, reference and Journal content. 

Political landscape:

Understanding political dynamics is crucial for interpreting SONA. Sabinet Discover’s collection includes political science journals and news articles that feature analyses, providing users with a background and an understanding of the political context surrounding the address. 

For those eager to delve into the vast collection of information available on Sabinet Discover, simply visit and register your free myDiscover profile. Whether you are a student, researcher, or concerned citizen, this platform is designed to empower you with knowledge and facilitate a more informed public discourse. 

SONA is more than a political event; it is a moment that can shape the future of a nation. We encourage all South Africans to tune in, share their thoughts, and engage in robust discussions. As we await President Ramaphosa’s insights, Sabinet Discover is ready to equip you with tools for meaningful conversations and input. Together, let us foster an informed society actively shaping our country’s destiny. 


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