Cannabis February 2021 Alcohol Restrictions

Over the past few months, South African government restrictions regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol have fluctuated. Alcohol was placed under lock and key, its sale banned countrywide. Stipulations about when a person can and can’t purchase liquor or when restaurants are and aren’t allowed to serve alcohol are hot topics for South Africans and, as the regulations shifts, abiding by them has been challenging for many. 

However, in the same span of time, with the pandemic serving as a backdrop to all of the action, legislation surrounding the possession and use of cannabis has been somewhat relaxed – quite the turnaround. 

Keeping track of what has happened and, more importantly, when, can sometimes be tricky. Understanding the finer detail and nuances of the subject can prove tricky too. For this reason, Sabinet provides customised monitoring services which alert clients to specific occurrences of topics which interest them, providing them with links to relevant legislative materials as they’re found. However, with regard to cannabis and in light of its recent rise to fame, we have a special topic dedicated to the subject. 

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