Chris Marnewick

With the reputation for developing training material that reduced the failure rate at the legal Bar examinations from 40% pre 2003, to less than 2% in 2011, CG Marnewick can be trusted to bring a highly valuable resource to the profession, giving civil and criminal litigators the skills to excel. 

Litigation Skills for South African Lawyers Fourth Edition published by LexisNexis South Africa is just that. The work, an updated edition from Marnewick, covers every stage of the litigation process: From pre-litigation to litigation alternatives, to trial and appeal stages, enabling the reader to master the techniques and skills needed to be an effective and pre-eminent litigator. 

This bestseller is essential reading for litigators, suitable for all levels of experience from law students to advocates, attorneys and prosecutors. “The title will be of especial use to candidate attorneys and pupil advocates,” says Marnewick. “It has been written in a pragmatic style, aimed at teaching the “how” of litigation, explaining the need for each step in the process and providing practical tips on how to prepare a matter from the first meeting with a client through to the follow up meeting after an appeal has been finalised.” 

Marnewick brings a wealth of experience to the title. Before joining the Bar, he practised as a prosecutor, magistrate and attorney. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 1976 and has also held the position of Acting Judge. His international experience includes being an Instructor of Professional Legal Studies and founding instructor at the College of Law, both in New Zealand. He is well positioned to impart his wisdom and learnings to litigators through this work which has been practically written and includes precedents, examples and strategies that complement the commentary text.

The commentary in Litigation Skills for South African Lawyers Fourth Edition has been updated to cover the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, include expanded content on criminal practice and procedure and provide insight into modern trends in legal research. Divided into five sections: Pre-Litigation Stage, Pleadings Stage, Trial Preparation Stage, Trial Stage and the Appeal Stage, the work covers all of the relevant skills needed to be a successful civil or criminal litigator.

Litigation Skills for South African Lawyers Fourth Edition is available in Print (ISBN 9780639010366) and eBook (ISBN 9780639010373) for R1132.00 (including VAT, excluding postage), Online (ISBN 9780409123883) for R1 222.76. To purchase, click here to visit the LexisNexis online bookstore.


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