Danny Zandamela of Bid-Me

MortgageMe is partnering with BiD-Me to launch a brand new, innovative home loan service.

Dedicated to helping consumers take ownership of their financial journey, BiD-Me is an open banking FinTech operating a platform that hosts bank and non-bank financial institution partners in a marketplace of various products. On selecting a product category, the customer can view multiple live quotes & offers and choose the most appealing offer having compared the quotes, concluding the pre-approved transaction in real-time. This brings control and convenience into the hands of the customer. Due to the broad nature of the product mix, BiD-Me caters for all LSM groups, thereby promoting financial inclusion.

Visitors to the BiD-Me MortgageMe site will be able to apply for a home loan through MortgageMe, South Africa’s leading online bond aggregator platform. MortgageMe offers consumers a fully digitised home loan application process, that enables tech savvy home buyers to successfully complete a single application in record-time for aggregation through four major home loan granting banks.

The partnership ensures anyone looking to buy a house can enjoy a safe, paperless hassle-free process where their application is sent to multiple banks and offers are received promptly.

As digitisation of the mortgage sector continues apace, demand for online tools to seamlessly complete a home loan application anywhere, anytime is growing. The ongoing shift towards open banking (and especially more so during a pandemic) means that it is both necessary and possible to digitally verify an applicant’s identity, income and other personal details. Consumers can be assured that data security is a priority through the entire application value chain.

Andrea Tucker, Director of MortgageMe says partnering with BiD-Me was a natural fit given a shared vision of using rapid advancements in technology to constantly innovate for the benefit of consumers. “By automating tailored submissions to the country’s major banks and lenders on a prospective property buyers’ behalf, the customer experience of applying for home finance is both simple and frictionless, promising full transparency between the applicant and banks at offer stage.”

Says Danny Zandamela, banking maverick and the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BiD-Me, “Our close collaboration with MortgageMe means we can provide a compelling and superior service offering that aligns with BiD-Me’s goal of bringing transparency and control into the hands of all consumer groups in South Africa. Consumers deserve a paperless and convenient process that makes the once onerous task of applying for a home loan, and the resulting aggregation for their benefit, as simple as three easy steps.”

He adds that fintechs like BiD-Me and MortgageMe have an important role to play in providing the majority of South Africans with greater access to quality digitalised financial services. “The dignity of homeownership is especially important in securing financial security, independence and wealth creation for future generations. We look forward to enhancing our product offering and expanding our partnership with MortgageMe.” 

To learn more visit https://bidme.mortgageme.co.za/


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