bingI did not think Microsoft had it in them to live up to the Google standard of search engines, but I have been surprised. Bing, the new MS search engine is powerful, fast and returns results of equal quality to that of Google – although it is still early days.

The front end interface is friendly, pretty and they have learnt from Google and made it simple and uncluttered.


The speed searches are returned seemed to be faster, and maybe it could just be the work load on the servers, as I would imagine Bing’s servers are not that loaded as yet.

A nice touch on the search results, is the yellow dot on the right which gives you a further summary of the information from the site when you hover the mouse over the dot. This stops you having to click through, then realise the page is not what you want and to go back and forth between the search engine and the results pages.

You can also search images, which I find way easier to use than Google, as I don’t need to page through the images, they just keep scrolling down as I browse further down. Plus the image size increases as you hover the mouse over it, to give you a better view.

Google has way more to offer at the moment, but this time I think Microsoft has done their homework and is on the road to good things in the search engine space. I have changed my searching to Bing, you should give it a try.

Change search engine area to Bing for Internet Explorer 7

At the top right there is a magnifying glass icon with a clear area next to it, which is your quick search area. Click on the down arrow and select “Find more providers”, you should get a selection of search engines, and Bing should be there, select it and follow the prompts to make this the one of the search engines going forward. You can also make this the new default for quick searching if you wish, just use the menu item “Change search defaults”. You will have to restart IE to get it to load.

Change search engine field to Bing in Firefox 3

On the right of the URL address field there is your quick search engine field. To change this, click the down arrow, select “Manage search engines” and then select “Bing” from the list, click “download now” and follow the instructions to install it.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson


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