vikela-buttonThe Vikela Server is a powerful server and gateway solution for the small to medium sized company. Vikela has everything you ever wanted to manage your company’s IT infrastructure inexpensively & efficiently. Vikela is a fully managed & supported solution by IT-Works Business Solutions, so you don’t need any internal IT skills to maintain your company’s complex infrastructure.

The Zulu word “Vikela” in English means “Protect and Defend”.

With reporting systems to provides full access to your company’s internet usage, access to bandwidth figures, email statistics and network traffic.


Vikela Server offers a host of features that are essential to the running of any company:

Remote Backup – There are two elements to Remote Server Backup – configuration and data. The complete configuration of the Vikela Server is backed up to the remote, secure server. Data backup preserves your entire data set off-site so that it can be restored quickly. Both configuration & data backup are critical to disaster recovery & your business continuity

Protects Network & Data – Provides anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, intrusion detection & intrusion protection by providing an effective barrier from the private internal network and public network or internet

Core Server Applications – Email, proxy, VPN, reporting and file server. There are core elements that are needed for an effective business server

Enforces Internet Usage Policies – Content Filter benefits your company by improving productivity & reducing liability. Entertainment & news sites can be blocked so that your users spend their time working instead of browsing. Content Filter can also be used to keep inappropriate material such as pornography, gambling, or violent content off the network. This not only improves productivity, but reduces potential liability an employer may have to control content & activity in the work place

Email Archive Compliance – The Mail Archive system logs all incoming & outgoing e-mail passing through the gateway to a central database. This module can be used to meet regulatory compliance or assist you company to enforce internal policies for e-mail use in the workplace

Detailed Technical Features:

  • Firewall, Networking & Security
    • 1 to 1 NAT
    • Port forwarding
    • DMZ
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Dual WAN – network failover
    • DHCP server
    • Caching DNS server
    • FTP Server
    • Web Server
  • VPN / Virtual Private Networks
    • PPTP VPN
    • IPsec VPN
    • Open VPN
  • Web Proxy and Filtering
    • Web Proxy
    • Content Filter
    • Banner Ad & Pop-up Blocker
  • E-mail
    • AntiSpam
    • Antivirus
    • Greylisting
    • Mail Disclaimer
    • Mail Gateway – pop, imap, secure pop, secure imap and push to mobile
    • SMTP – authenticated SMTP
    • Web Mail
  • Web and FTP Server
    • HTTP – host your own web site
    • FTP – allow customers and suppliers to access large files
  • File and Print Services
    • Print services
    • Flexi share – share documents on your LAN
  • Backup
    • Backup – Remote backup to secure servers

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