lexisnexisLexisNexis (www.lexisnexis.co.za) one of the world leaders in information management solutions, and Reputation Institute (www.reputationinstitute.com), a leading provider of reputation management services, joined forces today to introduce a new solution for measuring and analysing Corporate Reputation in South Africa.

LexisNexis provides its web-based LexisNexis Analytics Dashboard, which combines advanced text-mining capabilities, tone analysis and interactive graphical indicators, to monitor and measure Reputation on a real-time basis in Local and Global Print, Broadcast and Online news based on Reputation Institute‘s renowned dedicated RepTrakTM methodology. repinst

“With our state-of-the-art technology and our unique mix of Press, Web, Social Media and Broadcast content, we are delighted to have developed with Reputation Institute’s Best-In-Class Approach of Cross-Stakeholder Reputation, RepTrakTM Media Dashboard, helping South African firms Protect their Brand, Anticipate Reputation Risks and Take back control of their Reputation” said Donovan Byrne, Manager of LexisNexis’s International Online Services.

Dominik Heil, Reputation Institute South Africa Managing Director, added: “As the world’s leading reputation consulting firm, Reputation Institute wanted to apply its experience and know-how into interactive Key Performance Indicators on a company’s most valuable intangible asset: its Corporate Reputation. It is an important competitive advantage to have a snapshot of an organisation’s media impact and so we are delighted to offer clients this new product. Vital tracking can be done with the RepTrakTM Media Dashboard enabling greater stakeholder insight and more effective in-depth analysis as organisations develop sustainable reputation strategies that build trust across stakeholders.”

LexisNexis Analytics was introduced in 2010 to South Africa, providing web, social media, broadcast and press monitoring and analysis for market and competitive intelligence, risk and reputation management. LexisNexis Analytics enables organisations to access centralised, filtered and categorised information and to consequently implement the most adapted strategies. LexisNexis Analytics gives them the confidence of not missing any media trend without being overwhelmed by noise and irrelevant information. Items that can be tracked include the mentions of specific organisations, competitors or industry issues faced by organisations.

According to Byrne, “LexisNexis Analytics has implemented tailored solutions for South African clients, which includes local government and larger auditing, consulting and financial advisory companies. Internationally, organisations in the Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Telecommunication and Sports sectors have been using the LexisNexis Analytics media monitoring and analysis.”

To find out more about the LexisNexis Analytics media monitoring tool, contact Donovan Byrne on +27 11 245 6539 or donovan.byrne@lexisnexis.co.za or visit www.lexisnexis.co.za.

About LexisNexis
LexisNexis® (www.lexisnexis.com) is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets. LexisNexis originally pioneered online information with its Lexis® and Nexis® services. A member of Reed Elsevier [NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK] (www.reedelsevier.com), LexisNexis serves customers in more than 100 countries with 15,000 employees worldwide. In South Africa, LexisNexis is 50% owned by Reed Elsevier and 50% owned by Kagiso Media, a leading empowerment group.

About Reputation Institute
Reputation Institute is the world’s leading reputation consulting firm. As a pioneer in the field of brand and reputation management, Reputation Institute helps companies build better relations with stakeholders. With a presence in 30 countries, Reputation Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge about reputation and shares best practices and current research through client engagement, memberships, seminars, conferences and publications such as Corporate Reputation Review and Reputation Intelligence. Reputation Institute’s 2011 RepTrakTM Pulse is the largest study of corporate reputations in the world, identifying what drives reputation and covering more than 2,500 companies from 41 countries annually. Reputation Institute provides specific reputation insight from more than 15 different stakeholder groups and 24 industries, allowing clients to create tangible value from their intangible assets. Visit www.reputationinstitute.com to learn how you can unlock the power of your reputation.



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