Hyte Keeb Keyboard

At the moment, mechanical keyboards available to the general public are expensive, but within reason. You don’t have to spend much to get one, either—a basic mechanical keyboard costs well under $100 (R1500), or about the same as a souped-up membrane model, and provides a better typing experience for a longer period of time.

But in early January, an offshoot of PC seller iBuyPower took the wraps off a new premium product: The Hyte keeb SR65, a 65-percent mechanical keyboard that will cost a whopping $400 for the fully loaded kit—that is, the version with all the pieces necessary for a complete keyboard. At double the MSRP of the most expensive keyboards from companies like Corsair and Razer, it’s sure to induce immediate sticker shock upon its arrival in May. It’s also sure to spark questions like “Why do you build it yourself?” and more certainly, “Why does it cost so much?!”

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