steps_to_msoffice_2010Word now allows you to insert an image into a document – like before – but now offers a new feature which removes the background of the image. You can then add a myriad of other image effects, like a shadow which makes the image look very professional.

Often we have pictures that we would like to insert into the Word document, but find that the background detracts from the idea we are trying to convey. With this tool, simply click the “Remove Background” icon on the far left of the screen and select the screen size area so that it covers the entire part of the picture you want to preserve and then click OK. This will remove the background, so that you have the image you want without the “noise” behind the image.

In the past we had to open the image in a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop and then try to remove the background – which often took a while. This new feature should save people time when incorporating graphics into their documents.

Insert the image:



And now we remove the background colours.



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