For the first time, web-based document automation is available at an affordable price. But it is not only about price: XpressDox is one of the most powerful assembly systems on the market today.

And that you don’t have to be rocket-scientists to set up a web-based assembly project!

How does XpressDox Web-Server work?
Templates are stored on a hosted web server environment, and your clients will access the templates via their browser. Either your clients will use the XpressDox browser interface, or they will click on hyperlinks on your website to launch web-based interviews. Once they click on the hyperlink or run the template, they will be presented with an Interview. They would then fill in the answers, and once complete, would click on the “Submit” or “Assemble Document” button.

At this point the answers would be sent to the XpressDox server, and merged with the template. The completed document is available in Word or PDF format, and you can specify whether you require either, or both formats to be delivered to the user. Depending on the setup of your template, the completed document would be routed to internal or external email addresses (or a folder on the server for collection), and the template owner can also be advised electronically each time a template is assembled by a user.

So how do I get started?
To begin, you would create a template using our XpressDox Desktop version, since the WebServer version makes use of exactly the same templates that the Desktop version does. That means you have the full command power of the Desktop version in the Web Server version too.

Once your template works the way you want it to on the Desktop version, you can then upload it to the web server. When you register for the XpressDox web-server service, you will receive a free copy of the Desktop authoring version, which requires Microsoft® Word 2003 or newer. In addition to the XpressDox Desktop (authoring) version, you will also receive the Upload software to add your templates to the web.

If you want to begin creating templates right away, simply download the 60-day trial version of XpressDox from the website.

Where will my templates be stored?
XpressDox Server is currently hosted in Europe, and the United States Server will go live shortly. You will then be able to choose your preferred hosting location. Templates stored on the server are encrypted, which means that even if someone could hack your templates, they won’t be able to read them at all. In addition, users are required to provide login details in order to access your templates. Lastly, all data transmitted to and from the server uses secure http.

How do I launch templates from my website?
This will require you to create hyperlinks on your website which will “call” the XpressDox webtemplates. You will receive a document on how to do this when you register for the service. You may, however, wish to make use of your regular website developer to do this customization for you.

Remember that you can link templates to text-based hyperlinks, or even graphics on your website.

The pricing is a monthly rental fee, based on the number of assemblies done per month through the Web-Server.

What if I want to host my own XpressDox Web-Server?
For clients who wish to host their own server, the pricing is a once off fee with an annual update and maintenance fee of 20% of the current retail price per annum billed in advance from year two.

Where can I get help to build my templates?
If you need assistance creating your templates, email us on Websales@xpressdox.com and we will refer you to one of our certified consultants in your area.

LegalTech New York
XpressDox will be exhibiting at LegalTech New York this week, visit them at Stand number 231.

For additional information please contact the XpressDox offices on 0861 265 376 or send email to websales@xpressdox.com.


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