Automatically track your e-mail and smartphone time-ChrometaNow you can keep track of your billable hours at your Mac, PC, iPhone, and or Android – automatically. What makes the new Chrometa different? You’ll see it in your free demo, but here’s a quick rundown…. 

Track time — without wasting time

The problem with most time-tracking systems – including sheets of paper, spreadsheets, and conventional software — is they require you to constantly input or record your time throughout the day.
That’s a pain in the neck, especially when you are busy supporting multiple clients amidst a non-stop barrage of interruptions.

Chrometa automatically captures and categorizes ALL time spent on the computer – with no interaction or data entry required. (You’ll see how this works during your free Chrometa demo.)

Records billable time on your smart phone
Our new mobile app for iPhone and Android turn your phone calls into billable time entries automatically. You can then click these entries to a timesheet, invoice, or billing system.

“As I travel for my work a lot, I find myself using my smart phone more and more while on the go,” says solo practitioner Patricia Lee. “Now that I have the Chrometa Android app, I see that I was losing thousands of dollars of billable time by not categorizing these calls.”

Get paid to send e-mails
Our new time capture plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail create time entries for you. They show you the amount of time you spent on each e-mail, along with the e-mail address of whom you sent the e-mail to or who it was from.

Result: you capture billable time spend on e-mail correspondence. No need to hit a timer – all this is done automatically for you.

Simplifies time entries
Previous versions of Chrometa recorded time in increments of one second. Now we’ve changed Chrometa to record time in increments of one minute. This way, we can reduce your time entries to a manageable number, avoiding confusion and complexity.

Integration with existing billing software
No need to manually enter your time sheet into the billing software packages you use. Chrometa automatically transfers your time sheet into Clio, QuickBooks, and other practice management and accounting software, saving you time and effort. 

Blazing speed
Our programmers revamped the Chrometa web site to make it 10X faster. That saves you time, especially when viewing and categorizing a week or month’s time at once. 

Bill for all your time
We’ve added a new report that makes it easy to identify unbilled time. It shows you which days you have uncategorized time for. You click on the report to go directly to that day.

Get the money your clients owe you
Attorneys and other professionals fail to bill from 10 to 25 percent of their legitimate billable hours due to bad recording habits, being too busy, disorganization, and poor team management. This means that a firm with $1 million in gross billings could be losing as much as a quarter of a million dollars a year for work they performed but never billed the client for. Yikes! 

Chrometa can help you stop the bleeding and make sure you get paid for all the time you put in on every client you have.

When you click here now, you can get a FREE online demo showing you how Chrometa can help you save time, increase the accuracy of your time tracking, and help you get paid for every billable minute you work.

The more you wait, the more billable time you lose. So why wait? See Chrometa in action now.

Contributed by:
Brett Owens, CEO, Chrometa


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