AXIS Camera StationLocal network video surveillance company, Axis Communications has announced an upgrade to its Axis Camera Station solution. Version 4.0 is a complete video monitoring and recording solution designed to match the company’s extensive range of network cameras and video encoders. 

Roy Alves, regional business development manager at Axis Communications says the redesigned GUI, intuitive setup wizard with camera discovery features, improved ease-of-use, access control support and Extended Smart Search are highlights of this release.

Alves says many feature-rich video management systems on the market today are also quite complex to install and use and says Camera Station 4.0 will prove that it is possible for a video management solution to be both powerful and easy to use. “The system has been improved based on the experiences and feedback of 50 000 users across the globe, as well as input from installers and this upgrade is a first, important step in putting efficient operation and identification in focus,” he says. 

Easy to install, use and manage
With the introduction of Camera Station 4.0, Axis provides user-friendly and efficient video surveillance for small and mid-sized installations with a complete video monitoring and recording solution. The new setup wizard, which features automatic camera discovery, guides the user through every step of the configuration process, allowing the system to be up and running within minutes.

The new user interface of Camera Station has been re-designed with a focus on ease-of-use and intuitive operation of key features, including live view navigation, event configuration and video investigation. The GUI (graphical user interface) allows for quick access to Axis network camera or video encoder views, split-views and simple navigation with the ability to drag-and-drop between multiple screens.

Extended Smart Search and superb image usability deliver powerful video evidence
With Camera Station 4.0, Axis introduces Extended Smart Search. By simply defining an area of interest in the video scene, the user can search through vast amounts of high-definition video in seconds for quick investigation and evidence retrieval. Extended Smart Search is based on AXIS Video Content Stream technology, which enables an Axis camera to capture certain information from the images and send a separate stream together with the video and audio files.

“Version 4.0 combines all of this with powerful features for forensic investigation and positive identification,” says Alves. “Extended Smart Search and auto-configuration turn minutes into seconds, the drag-and-drop features and action buttons provide the operator with more control, and integration with the full line of Axis products, including access control, makes Camera Station extremely attractive for small and mid-sized system owners.”

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