chrometa logoAs you know, it’s nearly impossible to accurately track your email time with merely a start/stop timer. You’re probably bouncing from email to email in rapid fire mode. The last thing you want to worry about is timekeeping, especially if you switch from one client to another as you reply to email messages.


The “magic” of Chrometa is that it runs in the background of your PC (and home Mac), quietly making note of my activities. It’s like having your own personal timekeeper.

But as great as Chrometa has been, it’s had one big flaw — it didn’t capture important details when generating email-based time entries. Such as the to/from fields for emails … and also the details on Outlook messages viewed from the preview pane.

Well, that is, until now!

We listened to your requests – that email details needed to be a priority for Chrometa in 2012.

For you heavy email users, we have great news – we now have special Chrometa plugins available for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Once you install them, you’ll never lose another minute of email time (you’re probably losing thousands of dollars in billable hours each year … or even month … today).

If you’re already a Chrometa user, please download your complimentary plugin for Outlook and Gmail now.

If you’re not yet a Chrometa user, you can get started with Chrometa for free — and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Please start capturing your email time automatically with Chrometa now (with plugins now available for Outlook and Gmail).

Outlook Time Tracking by Email Chrometa

Really Simple Invoicing, Too

Also by popular request — you can now create, manage, and send invoices directly from Chrometa. Since founding Chrometa in 2007, we’ve learned that many of you don’t use billing software because it’s too complex. Spending a day or two each month to create invoices is actually less of a pain than dealing with an insane software system!

So, as is our mantra, we kept things really simple — and we believe that “closing the loop” on your time entries via our new Invoices feature will save you many hours each month.

Please take a look at this sample invoice that was generated by Chrometa with the click of a button.

If you’re a Chrometa user, here’s how to create an invoice.

And if you don’t yet use Chrometa — now is the perfect time to get started. You can use it free for 14 days here (no credit card required).

Already Have a Billing System?

Do you wrestle with the manual entry of time into your billing system? We can help you here too because Chrometa now enables you to export your time entries into popular billing systems like QuickBooks, Basecamp, Timeslips, Clio, PCLaw, and FreshBooks.

Chrometa is the perfect time capture add-on — just ask TechnoLawyer subscriber and longtime Chrometa user Brian D. Byrnes:

I can say that the QuickBooks Timer was pretty damn dorky … I tried it a few times a long time ago, and if memory serves it got really annoying when you’d generate a bill only to see you had a time entry for 17 hours … simply because you forgot to turn off the timer after you’d started working on a file.

Fortunately, Brian can now use Chrometa to automatically capture and categorize his time — and he can use our new QuickBooks export to port his time entries into QuickBooks for billing.


With Chrometa’s help, 2012 can be the year you capture and bill for all your time (i.e., hard work).

Please start capturing your billable time automatically with Chrometa.

Contributed by:
Brett Owens
CEO and Co-Founder
Chrometa – Track your time without notes or timers


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