mweb businessMWEB Business is combining the robust capabilities of its recently upgraded VoIP platform with the advanced, affordable ShoreTel range of VoIP products.

ShoreTel is recognised as one of the world’s most innovative developers of IP phone systems and MWEB Business has been appointed as a ShoreTel Champion Partner.shoretel

Another first for MWEB Business is that it is the first South African VoIP provider to be fully approved on the Brilliantly Simple ShoreTel UC System and accepted as a ShoreTel Innovation Network Member.

“As a VoIP solutions provider, MWEB Business has seen growing demand for the technology because of its ability to utilise existing data networks for making local, long-distance and mobile calls at a significantly lower cost,” says Kris Desmet, MWEB Business Head of Products.

“In fact, the MWEB VoIP platform is growing exponentially and will carry over 100 million call minutes this year.”

According to Desmet, the ShoreTel range – which has been acclaimed internationally as ‘brilliantly simple’ – takes VoIP to the next level.

“Combined with MWEB’s advanced VoIP platform, it delivers all the benefits of unified communications, mobility and call centre applications in one incredibly easy-to-use package.”

The MWEB ShoreTel VoIP solution makes the concept of mobile voice connectivity a reality. The MWEB ShoreTel distributed architecture can connect home offices, international branches, remote branches and regional offices with the corporate head office – all of which are contactable via a single telephone number. 

“Not only can users accept and make calls on most devices – a VoIP phone, mobile handset or any phone connected to the public phone network – as if it was their own extension, they can take calls with them as they switch between connectivity modes,” Desmet explains.

For example, a customer can call your switchboard landline and the call will be transferred to you at your desk. But you are on your way to a meeting, so – using the office WiFi system – you are able to continue the conversation as you walk through the building to your car. Then, as you drive off, your call is automatically transferred to the 3G/GSM network.

“Effectively, this means you can work where and how you want, and remain contactable via a single number on the device of your choice, anywhere in the world. If you are abroad, using an available WiFi hotspot will significantly reduce roaming call costs,” he adds.

The Brilliantly Simple ShoreTel System can also scale and grow with your business as needed, from 10 to 20 000 users, across multiple sites.

ShoreTel’s distributed architecture comes with built in redundancy that ensures mission critical continuity. Because each switch and site functions as an independent call processor, there is no single point of failure. Should the entire WAN go down – a major problem with basic VoIP systems – the MWEB ShoreTel phone system can continue to place and receive calls using a PSTN (Telkom/mobile operator) network.

In addition, the entire system, including all voice devices – traditional handsets, desktop phones, mobile phones or home telephones – are managed via a single, customisable interface. There’s a unified dial plan across all locations and a central point of administration, maintenance and diagnostics.

“The performance, functionality, versatility, usability and affordability of the MWEB ShoreTel solution can literally transform the way people work, boosting productivity and reducing costs. It’s the VoIP solution of tomorrow and it’s available today,” Desmet concludes.

About MWEB Business
Founded in January 1998 as the business division of MWEB, MWEB Business provides comprehensive solutions in areas of Internet Access, Application Services, network support and consultancy services to businesses. MWEB Business has provided Internet services to  8 000 business clients, including Pick ‘n Pay, Mango, FlySAA,  Netflorist,  and many more.


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