Olympus DS7000Olympus Audio S.A is proud to announce that the new Toshiba FlashAir Wireless card in conjunction with the Olympus Smartphone App is now fully operational in S.A.

There were certain delays in getting the initial stock of Wi-Fi cards to S.A but that has been rectified and customers can now start taking advantage of the fantastic benefits this new system offers them.

The Toshiba FlashAir card is compatible with the Olympus DS-3500 and DS-7000 digital voice recorders. Once you have fitted your device with this card you effectively have a Wi-Fi enabled voice recorder which is able to connect directly to the new Olympus Smartphone App (available for iOS and Android users). The voice files (that have been created on your professional recorder) can then be transferred via the app directly to your secretary to be transcribed. For a full rundown on how the system works please follow the link to our blog post: http://maynards.co.za/blog/2013/11/18/new-olympus-smartphone-app/ .

This system enables busy legal professionals to carry on dictating outside of the office (ie, during court recesses) and send the files back to be transcribed instantly. This means the turnaround time in getting the document / note typed up and sent out to the client is drastically reduced and we all know that time saved during this critical work process means more time is freed up to see new clients which will in the long run translate into bigger profits.

For more information on this fantastic solution as well as any other Olympus Digital Dictation products please contact Maynards Office Technology on 086 000 1922 or visit www.maynards.co.za.


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