online legal logoOnline Legal is an intelligent web based service designed and operated by South African attorneys that allows you to generate default and customized MOI’s necessary for you to register, convert or amend a company.

Based on the answers you provide, not only does Online Legal generate your MOI, but also the necessary related documents that have to be lodged with CIPC (like special resolutions). All their documents have been approved by CIPC. You then sign the documents with electronic signatures online and Online Legal files them for you at CIPC electronically or by hand. All from the comfort of your office. No hassle. No drama.

Do you register companies for others?
Do you convert CC’s to companies for others?
Do you amend company MOI’s for others?
Are you a lawyer, attorney, accountant, company secretary or other service provider?
Are you uncertain about what is required under by the Companies Act and CIPC?
Are you uncertain what the MOI needs to contain to comply with the Companies Act and CIPC’s practice notes?
Are you uncertain what documents you need to generate?

By becoming an Online Legal Pro, Online Legal can help you, help your clients register, convert or amend a company in a few easy clicks. To become a Pro is free. No fees involved.

Click here to become an Online Legal Pro. Or you can start to register a company, convert a CC or amend an MOI

The advantages for you

1. Secure or create a new stream of revenue
2. Significantly better pricing than traditional providers
3. Enhance your brand in the eyes of your clients
4. Generate company documents faster
5. Ensure that you and your clients comply with the new Companies Act
6. Save time by not having to check that documents have been drafted correctly
7. Be comfortable knowing that attorneys designed and operate the system
8. Be comfortable knowing that the technology they use has been custom built specifically for the South African legal environment
9. You will be able to delegate tasks to support staff to amend the documents using their system.
10. Access to free content to help you understand MOIs better and a help desk to answer your questions.

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