olympus dictationOlympus has recently launched one of the most exciting Digital Recording products of the year, the NEW Olympus Smartphone Application. The smartphone app works in conjunction with ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) to afford the user all the workflow functionality one would get from using a professional voice recorder in an office environment.


The app is available on iPhone and Android operated devices and can be downloaded for free from the following app stores:

Once you have downloaded the free app you will have the ability to:
• Record, insert and overwrite audio just like you would on a professional voice recorder.
• Attach an image to your voice file.
• Send your recording via email (non secure).
• Record via a Bluetooth headset / mic.
• Use the Voice Activation function (VCVA)
• Connect to a Flash-Air enabled DS-7000 / DS-3500 to transfer audio.

What you won’t be able to do without connecting to the ODDS is:
• Record in .dss / .ds2 formats
• Encrypt your recording for security
• Send Worktype or Author ID information with your recording
• Send audio via the ODDS portal (Secure FTP or Email)

So in a nutshell the free app is the platform to make the recordings on your phone / tablet and the ODDS service is the way to securely transfer those important files (either via secure FTP or Email) back to your company workflow (your secretary / team of typists). The app on its own will record in the native recording format for the device being used (AAC on the iPhone and AMR on an Android device), these formats are not compatible with the Olympus ODMS software therefore routing a file via email to your secretary and having her transcribe it is not possible without the ODDS service.

So, what is ODDS and how does it work?
ODDS stands for Olympus Dictation Delivery Service, it’s essentially a cloud based portal that facilitates the secure transfer of voice files from your phone / tablet to your desired locations. The ODDS system is hosted at https://www.dictation-portal.com .

The ODDS service is a paid for annual subscription service, the license allows the user of the Olympus Dictation App to connect it to ODDS and make use of all the additional features, these features include:
• Central User Administration
• Olympus Dictation Portal (ODP) to set up new users
• DSS Pro Recording on device for direct compatibility with Olympus ODMS Transcription Module.
• Secure Transfer Protocols
• Using Meta Data like Author ID’s for automatic processing
• Defining recipients for users
• Secure transfer via email and FTP

In order to obtain pricing and a license for the ODDS service please contact Maynards Office Technology: www.maynards.co.za / sales@maynards.co.za

What else is NEW???
Another exciting announcement in conjunction with the new smartphone app is the compatibility of the Toshiba Flash-Air Wireless SD Card with the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 Digital Voice Recorders. This now makes the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 fully wireless with the ability to connect to the Olympus smartphone app and transfer all your recordings from the voice recorder to the app, from there the app can forward the files directly to your secretary / workflow as if you were sitting in the office right next door. This technology will redefine the term portable dictation as you will now truly be able to send files from any location around the world using your Olympus DS-7000 in conjunction with your Olympus Smartphone Application.

The reality of these fantastic new products means increased efficiency, decreased costs and getting more done in less time from anywhere!!! So don’t delay in realizing the true benefits of this fantastic technology, contact Maynards Office Technology for full details on setting up your new system today!!!

Contributed by Maynards Office Technology


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