Olympus dm-901Good connections are often the cornerstone of business success. With the new Wi-Fi enabled DM-901 Linear PCM voice recorder, Olympus offers a premium business tool that not only boasts the exceptional sound quality that is a hallmark of all Olympus DM series voice recorders, but also providing effortless smartphone and tablet PC connectivity to give productivity a real boost.

The Wi-Fi connection allows users to enjoy the convenience of controlling the DM-901 remotely from a smartphone, letting recordings be started and stopped from afar. It also facilitates a visual index function that lets photos made using the smartphone or tablet PC camera to be linked to the relevant section in the timeline of the voice file. These features represent a real boon for capturing and highlighting what’s important during press conferences, meetings and interviews, for example. They are easily accessed from a smartphone or tablet by using the all-new Olympus smartphone app, which may be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android from the respective App Stores. The app also lets recordings be downloaded from the DM-901 to a smartphone, enabling files to be instantly shared or sent to Dropbox. A high-resolution 2.0” (5.1cm) colour LCD and intuitive menu structure – including a new icon-based Home Screen – further enhance operating enjoyment and simplicity while ensuring easy access to the recorder’s host of clever, advanced features. Its state-of-the-art circuitry, high quality microphone unit and Linear PCM recording capabilities of this premium model never fail to impress.

The Olympus DM-901 will change the way you record meetings, interviews or other important events. Wi-Fi compatibility now joins the feature set of the premium Olympus DM series, which is renowned for exceptional recording quality. The wireless connection via app to a smartphone or tablet opens up a whole new dimension of voice recording. The free Olympus smartphone app is available for both iPhone and Android. Setting up couldn’t be easier: a QR code displayed on the DM-901 screen incorporates the Wi-Fi access information. This is simply scanned by the smartphone camera and ensures all users will connect and start enjoying the Wi-Fi capabilities in a flash.

Your front-row seat is always reserved: remote control via Wi-Fi
No matter if you are sitting in the front, middle or back during business meetings or conferences, the DM-901 always enables a front-row recording. Place it at the best position for capturing sound in the room, return to your seat – and remain in control via the Wi-Fi connection. The “Olympus audio controller” app lets you start and stop recording using your smartphone by hitting clear on-screen icons. Productivity is boosted as files recorded by the DM-901 can also be swiftly transferred to the smartphone and then forwarded to your office or colleagues using the phone’s internet connection.

See what you want to hear: the visual index function
The Olympus DM-901 takes its task of making your life easier seriously. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, photos made by a connected smartphone or tablet during the recording can be linked to the voice file timeline as a visual index. Besides “Photo”, other types of visual indexes can be set including “Bookmark”, “Question”, “Important” and “New Topic”. These visual prompts greatly assist during searches and for file management in general. Any number of visual indexes may be linked to each file.

Operation that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
A new, high-resolution 2.0” (5.1 cm) colour LCD provides significantly improved viewing of the clear, well-structured menus. The unit’s Home Screen has also been completely redesigned to incorporate easy-to-recognise graphical icons. The ergonomic placement of controls, including dedicated Home Screen, Recording Scene and Volume buttons makes operation more intuitive than ever. In addition, three user-definable function buttons located directly below the LCD allow for operational customisation. And besides the 4GB built-in memory, an SD slot supports cards up to 64GB.

Harnessing the pureness of sound
The low-noise, high-sensitivity stereo microphone unit enables the capture of sound with a natural ambiance due to its 90-degree outward orientation. The openings around each microphone have now been slightly enlarged to allow the phase difference of sound from the front and rear to be captured even more faithfully. Furthermore, a special Zoom Microphone mode incorporating the latest directional control technology lets users adjust the directivity of the microphones to substantially improve recording in noisy environments – even when at a distance to the person talking. Naturally, level controls can also be manually adjusted to make the most of the dynamic range in every situation. Files are saved in either MP3 or WMA format or, for ultimate results, in 48 kHz/16bit Linear PCM format.

With its full set of features and now incorporating Wi-Fi compatibility for smartphone and tablet PC connectivity, the Olympus DM-901 takes productivity, operating ease and high quality voice recording versatility to the next level. Finished in classic black, this ergonomically designed premium voice recorder is available immediately from Maynards Office Technology.

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