Olympus DS-7000Olympus introduces the DS-7000 to satisfy the highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied unit with its large, market leading colour LCD screen combines the best usability with maximum recording quality.
Thanks to PIN protection and 256-bit DSS Pro real time data encryption, even the most sensitive files remain secure at all times. The new ODMS Software fully supports and integrates into your existing workflow setup. ODMS is optimized to integrate seamlessly with Dragon Voice Recognition Software to deliver a market leading user friendly software solution.

Enhanced Security
Device password protection and DSS Pro real-time 128-bit or 256-bit file encryption makes the DS-7000 ideal for workplace environments that deal with sensitive information.

Full Workflow Integration
Packaged with the next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software and compatible with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software, the DS-7000 is designed to become an essential part of any office’s dictation workflow directly out of the box. Support for up to 32 index marks per dictation file makes it easy to locate critical information.

Endless Flexibility
A vast array of functions and accessories, audio codes and indexing options, as well as support for multiple work types and users, makes the DS-7000 customizable enough to suit any purpose in any IT environment. The ODMS software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X.

Superior Sound Quality
The DS-7000’s redesigned, speech-optimized microphone is independently housed for flawless sound reproduction. It supports DSS and DSS Pro recording formats, as well as QP (16 kHz/28 kbps)) and SP (12 kHz/13.7 kbps) modes.

Expandable Storage Capacity
Dual SD and microSD card slots allow for up to 32GB of total memory. The included 2GB microSD card holds up to approximately 306 hours of recording time.

Multiple Language LCD Screen
The DS-7000 features a 2″ colour LCD screen that supports English, French and Spanish – as well as personalized welcome messages.

Longer Battery Life
The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 710 mAh. It’s rechargeable through your computer’s USB port / AC Mains and a full charge affords up to 26 hours of recording time.

Intuitive Controls
With intuitive slide switch playback controls and three programmable function buttons, the DS-7000 promotes simple, easy operation.

Multi-Function Cradle
A redesigned docking station recharges the lithium-ion battery and allows for hands-free recording, playback and interaction with the ODMS software.

For further information on the DS-7000 as well as the full range of Olympus Digital Voice Recorders please contact Maynards Office Technology on 0860 00 1922.

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