Winscribe lets improve the processWinscribe has had a strong presence here in South Africa for well over 17 years, with installed sites in most of the privately owned radiology practices, many government departments, financial institutions and many legal firms.
With a clear understanding of the specific needs and requirements of our local legal firms and the individual practitioners, we are able to provide solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Prior to the implementation of a Winscribe Dictation workflow within a practice, we spend time gaining a clear understanding of the stated needs of the practice. We then translate this into a workflow that offers the benefits expected from such a solution. A clear advantage of Winscribe is that the workflow rules can be easily amended at any time and with very little effort to further fine-tune the solution to meet the expectations of the users.

Winscribe for law firms

Brief summary of a select number of features

Winscribe’s application interfaces have a similar look and feel to the Microsoft application, including the Ribbon bar technology.

Attach files to Recordings
With Winscribe PC Author or Smartphone Author, you are able to attach any file to the recording.

Multiple Devices Supported
Most makes of Dictation devices are compatible with Winscribe.

Ability to Change Details When Importing Jobs
When importing jobs through Winscribe Author, you have the ability to change the Author, Job type, Typist, Department, Keywords and even add notes to the jobs.

WinScribe Author can enforce a stricter password policy and all recordings created are encrypted.

Able to choose a different Typist
Before starting a dictation or uploading a job the Author can specify to which Typist he wants to forward the recording to. You can also see if the typist is logged into the system at any time.

Monitor your work
In Winscribe Author you are able to view the status of your job for example if it’s still waiting to be typed, in progress or if it’s been completed.

Optimized for Speech Recognition
You can integrate with Dragon Naturally Professional to reduce the Transcription workflow and create your own dictated documents.

Bookmark Notes
Both Typists and Authors are now able to place bookmarks into jobs and include notes. Up to 50 bookmarks may be added to a single job. A bookmark can be placed at any user-determined position within a job’s audio timeline, and it may be read /edited by any other Author or Typist with the appropriate security permissions.

Mobility (Dictate using your Smartphone or Tablet)
Winscribe offers the ability to dictate using your Smartphone device. The new Winscribe Smartphone application offer all the functionality and security you would expect from a powerful Dictation workflow solution. You are able to view the status of your job – for example if it’s still waiting to be typed or if it’s been completed. Scan Barcodes or add or take a photo and/or add a location of a place or add your current location.

Job Management
Users with the appropriate privileges can shift work between “Shared Jobs” and “My Jobs” by dragging and dropping between the grid list and folders. Users can choose to retype completed jobs (permission based). Managers can allocate jobs to typists or Typist Groups by dragging and dropping between the grid list and folders (permissions based).

Template Management
Users can associate document templates to be used for particular jobs based on a combination rules. Opening a job where the details match one of the configured combination results in the associated template being loaded in the word processor. If desired, these templates can be shared across the network for use by multiple Typists.

Job Splitting
Typists are able to split jobs For example, a large job may be split into multiple, smaller jobs, and
distributed among several Typists.

Offline Capability
With Winscribe Client you can download work to your “My Jobs” list and work from home without being connected to the Winscribe Server (permissions based).

Management Reporting
Get improved Reports using Winscribe Analytics. These include:

  • A graphical interface to quickly view productivity reports and graphs.
  • Support for exporting reports to Excel and PDF files.
  • Editing and customization of reports.

Winscribe – helping our clients meet their business goals.
The latest version of Winscribe Dictation 4.2 enhances speed and control through:
• FAST document creation and turnaround via smart documentation workflows, template tools, Microsoft Office integration, on-the-go dictation for smartphones and tablets, and integrated Speech Recognition (via Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft’s Speech Platform engines).
• FAST and flexible documentation via manufacturer independent input devices, including the new Philips DPM 8200 Pocket Memo handheld recorder, which is among the most advanced portable recording device on the market.
• FAST system management and implementation.
• FAST reporting available by means of advanced, SQL-based reporting tools, providing dashboard intelligence and assisting organizations to understand employee usage and productivity gains.

• CENTRALIZED roles-based security which enables businesses to apply permission templates across its user base.
• CENTRALIZED multi-departmental management, allowing cross department management savings.
• CENTRALIZED, intelligent workflow management whereby the system recognizes deviations from the normal workflow and automatically takes corrective actions, ensuring smooth and accurate business processes.

About Winscribe SA – Powerhouse Dictation
Winscribe SA is proud to represent both Winscribe Inc and Philips Speech Processing as the exclusive and official importer and distributor for Southern Africa. In addition to this, we represent Nuance as a sub-distributor and as the official training center.  We have an in-house technical department offering exceptional levels of support to our customer base across Southern Africa. We pride ourselves on efficient service whether on-site or remote. We get to the know you, our customer in person, building relationships that last. This also allows us to really understand the needs and expectations of the users.

For more information or a consultation, please feel free to contact us on
Winscribe SA (Powerhouse Dictation)
Tel: 011 887 1056


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