Winscribe speech recognitionWinscribe Speech Recognition’s voice-to-text technology is easy to use, accurate and light on IT resources. Winscribe can help you save time and become more productive in your professional life! 

Companies today are under pressure to minimize the time it takes to turn around information and make the right business decisions. Winscribe helps to ease this pressure with smart speech productivity technologies that enable business professionals to produce documentation faster than with traditional transcription or self-typing methods. 


What is Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR)?winscribe speech
WSR recognizes the words you are speaking and automatically types them for you, resulting in significantly faster documentation and turnaround time. WSR also assists companies that are looking to adopt more “paper light” business practices to digitally document and store information, minimizing your need for hardcopy paperwork. As well, WSR assists business professionals, who work in a lab, on-the-go, or in other areas, where their hands must be free to do other important tasks, to generate reports and other documentation in a “hands-free” manner.

The average person types at 39 words per minute, 19 words per minute if editing is required. Yet, the average person speaks at 200+ words per minute. Think about the impact Winscribe Speech Recognition could have on your business’ bottom line!

• Speed up document creation by automatically inserting jobs into fully formatted document templates.
• Quick information access and reduced need for data entry through integration with client data management systems.
• As part of Winscribe’s Dictation workflow management system, WSR enables process automation and centralized data management.

• Unlike some other major speech recognition providers, WSR is highly efficient and light on technology and IT staff resource requirements.
• Leverage existing IT infrastructure.
• Reduced investment cost for hardware allowing for a quicker ROI.
• Small network and resource footprint and centralized management reducing management overhead.

• Low edit rate, enabling documentation to be created quickly and accurately.
• “Group learning” enables new words and preferred formatting options to be defined and made accessible to all members of a group or several groups. This significantly reduces edit cycles and increases accuracy.
• A pre-training option that uses previous dictation and transcription results enables greater recognition from the start.

How does WSR work?
Winscribe’s speech recognition engines work by using a combination of vocabularies, pre-loaded topics (dictionaries), built-in commands and group-learning technology to enable fast and accurate voice recognition. Unlike speech recognition packages of yesteryear, WSR has a quick training period, is light on IT resources, and has a low edit rate. In addition, it integrates with Winscribe Dictation, allowing clients to take advantage of intelligent and automated workflow capabilities that greatly improve the efficiency of document production and management.

WSR uses a process of “adaptation”, which is the practice of using a dictation workflow system to compare audio files to the final transcribed documents. This allows the WSR engine to quickly improve its ability to recognize words and speaking habits of a given author, enabling the system to have even greater accuracy – right from the start.

Utilizing a revolutionary “group learning” technology, WSR enables the system to learn further and adapt as you speak. This allows for continuous improvement and adaptability.

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