lawpracticezaLawPracticeZA is a comprehensive billing and accounting system for South African law firms of all sizes. It is locally developed and works in your favourite browser on your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.

Advantages of the technology and our experience

  1. Lower cost, not only in software but also in hardware, training, support and maintenance charged at a low monthly fee with no upfront costs and no long term contract.
  2. A comprehensive and functionally rich system which is always up to date.
  3. Little or no training required.
  4. Banking grade security on servers which are professionally managed and backed up.
  5. Works on your favourite browser from any of your devices anywhere, anytime use any operating system you like.

Low Risk Offer
LawPracticeZA will assist you with setup and importing of your take-on data* free of charge. At the end of the first month, if your firm decides to continue using LawPracticeZA, you start paying the very reasonable monthly fee. If not, simply stop using the system you won’t be charged. The data is nevertheless available to you and will subsequently be destroyed at your request or in six months’ time.

* The take-on process includes importing your client and matter details with balances, and your general ledger accounts and balances, as well as you trust accounts and balances (trust bank/s and section 78 2(A) investment accounts).

A Brief History of LawPracticeZA
LawPracticeZA was designed by Andrew Spagnoletti and developed in conjunction with Nitric Software Laboratory in Cape Town. The first version of LawPracticeZA was released late 2015. Andrew founded AJS Software Development in the late 70s. In 1980 AJS Legal Accounting and Practice Management was released. In 2000, twenty years later, AJS was sold to a company on the JSE at which time over 450 legal firms through South Africa were using AJS (and many still are). Firms ranged in size from a few users to a few hundred users. Andrew remained CEO of AJS within the group for 3 years, thereafter joining Korbitec to drive the development of GhostPractice and another product for smaller firms called Legalite.

Since leaving Korbitec, Andrew worked with Nitric on a number of projects. Nitric specialise in web-based application development using opensource languages such as Python. During the past several years this technology has matured to the extent where internationally and in South Africa it is has become the preferred technology for companies of all sizes to realise their system needs.

LawPracticeZA was borne out of this advance in technology, which offers numerous benefits to users. LawPracticeZA is operated via a browser, running off Nitric secure servers. With encryption and professionally managed servers, with regular onsite and offsite backups, your data is always secure and always accessible, even if you decide to discontinue the service; the data is yours. No additional hardware or software, and use anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device.

Combining years of experience in legal accounting and practice management with the superior expertise of Nitric in advanced web-based application development has resulted in a system that is affordable, comprehensive and yet easy to use and that will improve your law firm’s client service, efficiency and profitability.

For more information on LawPracticeZA visit the website, email of call using the details below:
021 300 1073


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