envisionAs a global provider of enterprise business management solutions, Thomson Reuters Elite is fully prepared to help law firms to meet their technology needs for now and the future. With that, we are proud to announce the rebranding of our mid-market global solution from LawSoft to Envision.

This is a brand name change only. As we have expanded into new regions, we have encountered brand and product naming conflicts which have led us to this renaming. Envision will now replace the LawSoft brand globally and the Thomson Reuters Elite Practice Management name in the Asia Pacific region. Clients can continue to expect the same superior technology, performance, and service with Envision.

Envision is a fitting name for this solution that can help law firms meet their strategic goals. This enterprise-wide practice management software, designed specifically for mid-market law firms, has achieved tremendous success in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Africa in the past year.

Envision will release version 11, currently in a beta program in London, for general availability on June 17th, 2013. There are numerous new features including enhanced desktop billing that increases billing accuracy and efficiency; integrated opportunity management that maximizes client relationships and pipeline management; automated document management functionality that streamlines matter management; and several other core platform enhancements designed to help firms get the most out of their technology.

Envision is an integral part of the Thomson Reuters Elite family of law firm software solutions, including such well-known brands as ProLaw, 3E, MatterSphere, eBillingHub, Engage, and Enterprise. To learn more about what Envision can offer mid-market firms, please visit envision.elite.com.


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