lawpacOne of the most frustrating tasks in any law practice is to have to manage heaps of legal documents in an orderly manner. Nothing could be more time-consuming and annoying than having to search through stacks of documents and emails in search of a piece of information. To this end Lawpac has developed a document management solution to enable attorneys to manage their cases in an efficient manner.

This feature-rich yet easy to use system allows the law firm to consolidate all of their client’s electronic assets to a specific matter.
Electronic documents include all correspondences, faxes, emails, file notes etc. By scanning all paper documents the user will convert them to an electronic or digital format. The user then selects the document to link it to the relevant matter.

Lawpac’s document management system will manage virtually all type of documents and data, including Word, Excel, OpenOffice, PowerPoint, scanned images, PDFs documents, etc. The system integrates with Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook which ensures familiarity and ease of use for automated document preparation. The user is able to view all the attached emails and documents that pertain to a matter. These electronic materials may then be accessed directly via Lawpac through a single interface on your desktop or laptop.

Once the matter is archived, Lawpac’s document management system will allow for the seamless transfer of all attached documents to the archive system as well, thereby preventing loss of valuable information

So how will the Lawpac document management system enhance your business?

  • It makes storage of documents simple, easy and cost-effective.
  • It saves on time and affords the user greater work flexibility. Users can now retrieve documents while sitting at their desktops and will no longer have to trudge off down to the dusty store-rooms.
  • Documents are easy to find. Because electronic assets are categorised and indexed, your staff can locate the required records far quicker than before, saving precious time and improving productivity. Nothing will impress a client more than producing a 5 year old document in a few seconds.
  • Lawpac’s document management system links into the accounting suite of programs. This ensures that you have a fully integrated system thereby improving on the firm’s efficiency and profitability.

For more information or to arrange a demo kindly contact the Lawpac offices on 031-5776882 or

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